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Souvenir Shop in Japan



"I am a full time podiatrist, trying to turn my passion for gym and love for Japanese culture into a full time career. My business plan is to build a strong community of like minded people who can help me grow into a platform where people will learn about how to get healthy but also where we can share our passion for Japan.

We have a plan to build a small but strong team of people who share the same goals as myself. I would like to open an online store in the future with both gym and street wear with a hint of authentic Japanese style also. I came up with the idea a while ago when I realized what I truly enjoy doing and thought of a way I can share that with others like myself. I thought "I can't be the only one who enjoys this."


Not only do I work through here, I also have all my other platforms which I keep updated regularly!"

Twitch: Bowler_Noodles



"My name is Haydon and I am currently a full Gym manager and part time weeb. I have strong interests in fitness stemming from my childhood years and completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science recently. I have recently gotten onto the gain train in the gym and love it! My favourite day of the week is leg day so no chicken legs for me.

I have watched A LOT of anime with a newfound interest in manga which I like to buy physical copies of. I hope to show off a bit of my knowledge of gym, anime and any other interests that I have through the blog posts."

And the other platforms can be reached with the links below!

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