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2023 BEGINS!! 2022 reflection and plan for 2023

Hey Gym N Japan fam! And welcome to the year 2023!

This year we have a lot of stuff in store for you from anime reviews to new anime you should watch, new workout routines and some general inspiration.

You might be wondering what happened to last weeks post? Well we were busy planning out our future posts for your all to enjoy… and we were waiting for Jake to make it to 2023 ;). Now that we are here in the new year we can do 2 important things 1) reflect on 2022 and 2) plan for 2023.

2022 reflection

Our favourite post this year: Probably the post about Japan because it made us want to holiday there so badly! And I (Haydon) got to dig up a few sick pics from the trip!

*Easter egg example in above*

Our most viewed post of 2022 was our post titled: FAKE OR NATTY! With a massive 93 views and 83 unique views which is huge for us! We will hopefully see more success like this in 2023!!

Thank you wix for the great stats for our content!

Using these stats we will…do absolutely nothing different and just keep writing blog posts we enjoy 😂 screw the Internet algorithm. One thing we learnt is that you loved the fake or natty segment so I think we need to do a part 2 for all the fans 😛.

2022 highlights:

JAKE: My highlight for 2022 was definitely the PAX event both myself and Haydon attended. The blog itself was not only fun to write, but we got to go to Melbourne together and write about our experiences together there which was incredible.

HAYDON: PAX was an unreal trip so I would agree with Jake on that one. So many personal positives coming out of 2022 and hoping that 2023 is a ripper of a year with some solid goals in mind!


Plan for 2023

With so many competing priorities for both of us we will be trying to keep up the consistency you have seen for the last year.

We have come up with a bit of a plan to keep you all entertained for your Sunday!

Our next month has already been planned out with the following great topics for you to read about and learn. Here is what we have in store for you:

January 15 - anime to look forward to in 2023. There are so many anime that are coming in 2023 so this will get you hyped for everything or make you aware of anime that are coming!

January 22 - Crunchyroll anime awards and our votes for this year - with a follow up post in March with the winners and whether we expected it (after March 4). Votes for this are open for a limited time so get your votes in between 19-25 of January. Click here to vote

January 29 - all things cbum, workout plans, his YouTube vids and even celebrating his 4th mr Olympia title. If it goes according to plan - this post will be massive.

February will have a post about future criteria for our anime and movie reviews so that it is always consistent as well as our first review for the year!

This year will probably be a majority of anime posts, just because of the sheer amount of unreal anime that aired last season and how many good ones are coming this year!

We will also do some recaps of recent seasons we watched like:

  • My hero academia and our thoughts moving forward

  • Bleach - and the reason it is the number 1 rated show (Haydon still needs to watch)

  • Mob Psycho

  • And many more

This year we will also celebrate our 2nd year of writing blogs and be doing a massive giveaway to one lucky reader. So go share the blogs with your friends and family. More details to come in the coming months. HINT - Easter eggs are hidden in the images we post weekly… Pay attention if you want to win..



As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

P.S don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!



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