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Personal Update: Jake Bowler

What is going on Gym N Japan Fam! This week is just a short blog with an update on life and what is to come in the future. Nothing long so I hope you can all stay for the read.

The reason for the shorter post this week is because, last night there were a few too many drinks and I am not feeling it today. Also went out all day with Dad for father's day and played golf. Was it good golf, not really, but that's life!

I recently weighed myself after not doing it since the start of the footy season. I knew I looked and felt a lot leaner, but in the gym I didn't lose any strength so it was surprising when I went from, 84kg in March down to 78kg in August. The only change I made was running 3 times a week playing footy. I am actually pretty happy with this, only because strength stayed the same but we got leaner. Win Win if you'd ask me!

A few other updates from me; I have coloured my hair silver, something I have wanted to do for a while so though fuck it why not. Doing more hours at work also, good thing for the money, not so much for having to be at work more though :')

I have a few other things planned which are in the works. But once I have more finalised details and timelines I will be sure to update you all! Until next time, watch your and anime and lift heavy weights, they're both good for you!


Be sure to check out our other blogs if you want to know more about the Gym n Japan culture, gym and anime!!!

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

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