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Anime Review - Classroom of the Elite

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! And welcome! Because it has been a number of weeks since our last review, I thought I might shed some light/ review an anime that I recently finished (on the flight home from PAX).

Not going to lie I originally watched this weekly right up until episode 10 then for some reason I didn’t get the chance to finish it… I did watch the rest while waiting at the airport/ on the plane home. THANK YOU #crunchyroll for your elite feature of downloadable content!! 

Classroom if the elite is basically the survival of the fittest in a classroom sense. If you are dumb - you get expelled, you do something wrong - you get expelled and it’s just a big game to a lot of the characters which makes it great to watch! The main character is pretty dark with no emotions but he is just a beast at everything (which he hides it). This second season showed how powerful he is within the school even though he’s in the bottom “misfit” class.


So first cab off the rank.. And to be fair the only reason I put this part of the review in was to show the pic below:

I just thought it was funny and this image in particular blew up on the socials hahah Other than this error in animating I wouldn’t say that any of the animation is bad? But it is a high school drama so it really doesn’t need amazing animation… so enough about that and NEXTTTT.


If you like super smart characters than this anime is for you! This show is about a school where everyone (a few are questionable) is super smart! This school is the survival of the fittest after all.


Overall I enjoy the story because it is survival of the fittest with a lot of drama, screwing people over and just all round smart characters which makes it interesting. 

Basically the aim of this school is to get to the top class by just being the best and to actually graduate! Kinda has similar vibes to food wars by constantly having contests/ challenges every episode. This show is showing actual geniuses whereas food wars is cooking geniuses.

The great bit about this show is that it will keep going for a while and hopefully with the popularity of this new season it’ll mean season 3 is in the works…

Rating 8/10


As of next week Jake will be living over in Canada and we may end up pushing the next few posts back a few weeks. We will do our best to keep them weekly but just in case they aren't we are for-warning you about it.


As always, thank you for reading to the end. We really do appreciate any and all of the support from everyone who reads our blog. We put a lot of time and effort into it so it is appreciated.

If you could go and share it on social media or even just tell your friends about it, the more we can spread our humour and love for Gym and Japan, the better the world would be.

Until next week - Peace Out <3

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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