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Anime seasons / cours - EXPLAINED

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! This week we have something a little different with a little bit of information on the Anime Seasons / cours which we might mention from time to time. We might use words like Winter 2022, 1st cour etc and these are easy to understand once explained in simple english terms. We had to google these ourselves when we first heard them or just slowly learnt over the many years of watching anime. A handy tip for this is to constantly look at My Anime List (MAL) because it uses these words ALOT!

Anime Seasons:

Alright let's make this as simple as possible for you. In simple terms an anime season will run for around 13 weeks each per year for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. These can also be referred to as cours for example the “winter 2022 cour” which I will explain soon. They are referred to as this because they are set out by the Japanese TV seasons (because they make money off it too).

The breakdown of seasons below:

Winter (1st Quarter) is from January to March

Spring (2nd Quarter) is from April to June

Summer (3rd Quarter) is from July to September

Fall (4th Quarter) is from October to September



Cours are basically a season of anime that falls into the 4 seasons above but not an actual season of anime because anime seasons might actually have multiple cours. A cour is generally a fixed period of 13 episode block falling in Winter, Spring, Summer or Winter used interchangeably with Winter 2022 or Winter Anime etc.

Here are the terminologies for Cours:

Single Cour: 10 - 14 episodes that run in a 13 week block because some have less than then or more than a standard 12 episodes.

Double Cour: 24 - 26 episodes when airing in consecutive seasons E.g Winter and Spring which occur back to back.

Split Cour: 24 - 26 episodes again but with a seasons gap inbetween. E.g. Airing winter, break for Spring then Airing again for Summer.

Here's an example of one anime doing all of these:

Attack on Titan season 1 is a Double Cour of 25 episodes

Attack on Titan Season 2 is a Single Cour with 13 episodes

Attack on Titan Season 3 is a Split Cour with 12 episodes in part 1 and 10 episodes in part 2 which aired in different years.

Also note that places like MAL will list cours as different seasons, and while it's great for our MAL stats of different animes watched it is in fact the same season just so you know.

Obviously there are exceptions to these rules with some anime being shorter, longer, starting half way thru a season etc etc. So this is just a general guide.

Now you are probably wondering why a normal anime has only 12 episodes? Well the answer is simple: Money. This is a business after all and making money is what a production company is all about. The cost of only committing to 12 episodes lets them test the waters to see if it is worth the risk to continue the anime. If it is terrible they can just cancel it after the one cour, if it's good they continue as planned, if it's mediocre or worth saving they can make some minor adjustments to make it better for the next cour. We are personally big fans of this format because it means that the quality of anime will be a lot higher as a result and will rid us of those absolutely terrible anime.


Finally the breaks! As we all know the animators all work such long hours and honestly don't get much rest.. No idea how they do it getting paid terribly (which we may discuss in another post). Well it sucks to be an animator because the only major break they will get is between Christmas and New Years… Obviously they all get some leave of their own but the anime industry is ruthless and requires a lot of commitment to make decent money. We have heard that some animators have such intense deadlines that they sleep at the studio and sacrifice alot!

Anyway that is all from us for this week!

Next week we will bring you a gym post! Been quite a few weeks since we have done one!



As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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