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Boruto - Why we finally started reading it

You read that right Gym N Japan, after absolutely slandering this anime and manga for such a long time, honestly it has been years, the time has come. We are finally starting to read the manga. Let’s be clear, we are talking about manga, not anime. Although the most recent anime episode was incredible, the manga is starting to hype up and for a very good reason too. Continue reading to find out why the manga has all of a sudden started to pick up and why we are so EXCITED to actually continue this.

So you are not left in the dark, the original creator and writer of Boruto was given to Ukyō Kodachi ( vol.1–13). However, with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately for Ukyo Kodachi, he did not take this seriously and has recently been fired. Now, the king has returned to his throne to ensure his beloved series Naruto is not slandered by fans for such a shitty sequel. That’s right, Masashi Kishimoto ( vol.14–) has returned, with the series being illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto.

Since the return of the king, the number of copies in circulation for Boruto has skyrocketed due to the improved story line and the progression of the series anime. The hyper from Facebook and Instagram has got both of us super excited to get back into this series. We both fell in love with Naruto and honestly put it in our top 5 anime of all time. So when Boruto was a flop years and years ago, it was disheartening and we thought there was no coming back. There were a few glimmers of hope through the series in the recent year, but not enough for us to continue watching or reading the series further.


Boruto originally began back on April 5th 2017…6 long years of a show that was absolute ass. Yes there are many moments in the show which have been good but you would have thought they learnt their lesson with Naruto and how the fans complained about all the filler that they learned their lesson. But, no, they did not. The show is riddled with filler, and honestly, we prefer shows to do what every other successful show does, do a short season, have a break and then go again. Not hard.

The anime is currently up to Episode 293...and want to guess how many volumes of the manga there is? Only 17 volumes currently. It should not take that many episodes to portray 17 volumes. And to add to this, of the 293 episodes, there are a massive 221 filler episodes... which means only 72 eps are canon wow! Around 75% filler is just unheard of tbh which is probably good that the anime will now go on a break and let the manga get more content which is quite spicy atm. I think it is perfect timing for the anime to finish up because the manga is just fire (apparently) and the anime is just finishing off with one of its best animated scenes so far.

Now for the exciting stuff. No more negatives allowed from this point forward about Boruto. Because we are in fact here to tell you why you DO NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW!!!

Alright from what we have seen is the current arc just turns everything on its head and the hero/ main character is now seen as the villain. And now you are probably wondering how this happened? Alright we won't spoil it but it has to do with Boruto defeating momoshiki in the movie ;) and the prediction of momoshiki came true of "those blue eyes will take everything from you". Some spicy stuff and what does this truely mean? Well in short we have no idea yet...

Within the last few chapters there has just been so much hype that the manga sales have gone through the roof so we want to see this massive twist of fate! Currently we haven't read past where the anime is at BUT it won't take us long because there are only 79 chapters to read! We have started to read on the shounene jump app which is only $4.49 a month and easy to read on your phone or tablet.

When we catch up to all the hype we will be sure to update you all!

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