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CBum Fitness App - Review

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! This week we have a slightly different type of review for you! And that is a review of the Cbum Fitness app!

As you are already aware, we admire and love CBum who is now a 4 time Mr Olympia Champion 😍So that brings us to the products that he offers… you all know that we have bought his shirts which we love and done a review on (and Haydon has more of them on the way), he has his protein range (which we are yet to try), and we come to today's topic of the CBum Fitness App.


Although we are unsure of the exact date that the app was released we do know that it has been around for a while.

The app is a subscription based fitness app which gives you a range of different training plans based on what you want to train as seen below. All of the options are pretty balanced but we have tried/ opted for the push pull legs and the Olympia prep workout.

The workouts are designed quite well where he typically does the heavy compound type movements first and then moves into the machines and “easier” stuff later in the workout. It will also give you how many recommended warm up sets should be done and then the number of working sets with RPE and all that good stuff.

Now the price is a little expensive with the subscription starting at $18.49 AUD a month with the option of buying a yearly pass for the price of $169.99 which isn’t too bad if you follow it closely and track your workouts etc. Considering some of the subscription services out there, the price is competitive and is low enough for almost anyone to have access to it. Especially when he is 4x Classic Physique Mr Olympia Champion and could be charging almost twice as much for the same service.

If he offered 1:1 coaching, that would be absolutely insane…

The actual workouts/ app functionality

The workouts in the app have lots of variety with the ability to choose different workout plans - see above image. The workouts are great with you getting a massive pump at the end thanks to the drop sets and rest pause sets etc.

One thing for me (Haydon) was that some of the individual exercises just weren't my style and I skipped them. I found that because I was in a crowded gym it was difficult to complete some of the exercises in order. The order of some of the exercises made you give up that precious bench in the gym so I just modified it to suit me, but was kind of annoying to do in the app. Some exercises offered were difficult to do because I didn't have the machine for it in my gym...

Although the app worked as intended, I did find that it didn't have much option to customise. Once you click a plan it is locked into a set day, which means if you have other commitments and don't want to train legs on x day you have to grab an older day for arms and you end up forgetting what you are up to. Like it would be great if there was like a pick your own day with push pull legs for example.

Some improvements I think should be made:

  • Simpler could be better, less about the timers inbuilt into it

  • Easier layout so you can review your whole workout and add weights in there

  • Customisations to the workout days and order (order could be fixed with the layout issue)

  • Cheaper


Now as an added bonus you will then have the option to join their closed Facebook group where everyone provides updates to their progress and motivates each other. And there are a massive amount of people on here! With almost 20 thousand 😍

Another bonus of this group and in our opinion is the greatest part, you will get pre release access to any merch drops with secret codes so that you don’t miss out on the drops! 

For me (Haydon) I used the code for the latest drop, I didn’t struggle to get the merch and I also didn’t have to wake up to purchase at 2-3am!

Now I (Jake) haven’t used the app in a long time, but I do love the structure of the programing in the app. The workouts are intense and it uses some really cool things like:

  • Drop sets

  • Rest pause sets

  • Mega death drop set things

  • And other cool things throughout some of the workouts

The workouts themselves are also designed well enough in my opinion where they don’t change super regularly, allowing you to track progress as you go. The app when I used it allowed you to write down the weight and reps you did on a particular exercise in a little note type box. It wasn’t the most efficient though, and often there were some problems where the note box wouldn’t pop up or it wouldn’t load your stuff from the previous week.

Overall I (Jake) would rate this App about a 7/10 if I am being honest. When you consider the price point and what you get it is pretty decent. The rewards for the pre-release sales is worth it even if you buy it just for the one month to guarantee your T-shirts. There are some bugs which could be fixed and the ease of use could be slightly better for people that suck with technology. But I think for anyone from beginner lifters all the way through to experts who can't be assed getting a coach or designing their own workouts, it is a great app and easy enough to use.

Overall I (Haydon) would rate this app a 6/10. I think that there are plenty of cheaper apps out there that do the same thing with more customisations. I think if I could see each exercise easier and customise it better I would enjoy it more but just not for me which means I can't become CBUM...


And there you have it! We will hopefully be able to get on individually and report back how good the new season actually is! :D

Until next week!! Byeeee

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

P.S Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!




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