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CBUM Shirts - The Story / Review

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! This week we bring you the review/ experience of purchasing the CBUM merch. I will scatter pics of each shirt throughout the blog so you can see them :D

Lights, Camera and ACTION:

On Sunday the 6th of June Jake and I were both scrolling thru instagram and we spotted something that will change our lives forever which was a merch drop from CBUM (Chris Bumstead) himself. Ok maybe I need to go back slightly to where our obsession with CBUM started.. It first started in the year 2020 when CBUM won his second olympia title (because who pays attention to someone who only wins one) and Jake started sussing his instagram which then evolved into watching his regular youtube videos. Monkey sees what monkey does so Haydon jumped on board and started having regular viewing parties on discord to watch CBUMs youtube videos. Now in the present we call him daddy - DaddyCbum.

Here is the great mans Insta if you want to follow ;) and yes he can dunk..

Next the merch you ask? Well these have come out every few months and usually announced on Cbums instagram pages looking absolutely fire! We have missed this sales EVERY SINGLE TIME and this could be because Cbum doesn’t stock enough or we are just too slow? I would say the latter… Because we would wait til the morning after and it was sold out. *we cried last time we missed it*. We just weren't as committed but I hope you understand how committed we were for this latest one

Now you know the backstory/ previous heartbreaks you will now understand why we want a piece of CBUMs merch. So in this post we saw on Sunday it said that the merch would be dropping on Friday the 11th of June at 12PM (midday) somewhere in America, and you've guessed it… it would be around 2am here in Australia RIP. BUT we were not fazed by this extremely late night or early morning and set our alarms for 20 minutes before the drop time. Jake had work at 7am and I didn’t want to stay up any later than I had to so we decided it was better to set alarms than try and stay up (which would have ruined us the next day). In comparison to the last time where we forgot or couldn't be bothered we actually did it! When we woke up we called each other in anticipation for a great moment in the Gym N Japan history / Haydon and Jake history because we knew this would be a great review/ story for you all to read.

Now the countdown was on until the website would open for us to purchase our goodies. While we waited we talked about which one looked the coolest and how many shirts we were going to buy (which was more than we could afford).

The site is now open and it's an absolute frenzy and you could just tell that there were thousands of people doing the same thing, buying lots of merch. Side note: There were no issues with the site at all and it didn't crash which was a major positive. We made sure to get this done as quickly as we could to avoid disappointment, I (Haydon) got 6 shirts and Jake got 5, we can tell who the real fan of Cbum is… I would say the longest part of buying the shirts would be the check out phase because you had to “line up” for a few minutes but it was still incredibly smooth. By the time we finished checking out our favourite styles, a heap of them started to become unavailable/ sold out so we defs could not have waited a moment longer!

Next we get the confirmation email! Yewww and of course you have to check the tracking status to see if for whatever reason it left the warehouse, IDK I don't make these rules. We also checked our bank accounts and we only just realised that the shirt cost was in American dollars.. Shirts were $35 each USD. For Haydon it cost $336 and Jakes was around $280 (because of the one less shirt). Within two days it had left the warehouse and headed for Australia! HYPE! For Jake this was a smooth process and got to him on Friday the 8th of July whereas for Haydon it got there on Friday the 15th of July! So about a month to anywhere in Australia, to be fair it's not too bad because we didn't/ couldn't get express shipping.

Price comparison USD - AUD:


Shoutout to this shirt being one of the coolest by incorporating a B for Bumstead as well as a 3 for the 3x Mr Olympia titles!


Here are our orders:

Which you can clearly see who the bigger fan is ;)


Now you have the backstory and heard the story about how we acquired the merch, here are our reviews/ thoughts :)

Review time...


Obviously I had it in for these shirts because they took so long to get here and were very critical to my mental health. The day that it got here I had to go to the post office twice and got in 2 mins before closing time on the second time. This was all because the driver hadn't dropped the parcel back after attempting delivery BUT fear not I was keeping a VERY close eye on this and the moment I saw it in there I was in the car heading there!

I only have two complaints about these shirts which are relatively minor.

They are:

  • Not oversized like I thought they were going to be (I got medium, which is normally slightly oversized on me). I would probably put this down to the american sizing system and should have gotten a couple of larges..

  • Collars are a little tight but also probably a sizing issue or my huge neck..

If you look closely at my monitor you can see Jake doing the same pose HAHA!

Alright now I have said the complaints I will tell you the positives. Upon opening the mail satchel the shirts were folded nicely in clear plastic sleeves which added an element of elegance because you could see the shirts straight away. Initially I wasn't a big fan of the thicker material (because of the Darwin heat) but this slowly grew on me and I was impressed by the high quality/100% cotton so we know these are gonna last longer than a Kmart shirt.

The patterns are what make these shirts because they are out there but at the same time kinda low key? Hard to explain.. And my favorite would have to be the one that has BUM on the front and GYM BUM with the saying “A thavage is what a thavage does” which is kinda cool for anyone who is a fan of Cbum and heard him speak haha!




So right off the rip as soon as I felt the material and saw the designs I was IN LOVE! These are my new everyday shirt, gym shirt, wedding attire, wear it to dinner, you name it I will wear it. They fit perfectly the way I thought they would have and I really like the heavier thicker material.

The tighter collar gives you a thicker neck appearance, making you look fkn jacked. The sleeves on me are long and oversized to hide the monstrous arms underneath but also short enough so that if you want to flex, you can and it looks good.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART THAT I LOVEEEEEE, is that when you put this shirt on, you gain the powers of Hercules, the man, the god himself, CBUM! You instantly gain 10x size and strength when training in these bad boys. PLu the designs on all of them are honestly next level. They stand out but also they don’t…it’s hard to explain. They’re just it!


And there you have our story/ review/ some sexy pics of us :P

As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

P.S don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!




P.S Haydon finally has COVID LOL

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