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Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023

Crunchyroll anime awards - our votes

What is up Gym n Japan! It is that time of the year again. The new year has brought us ever so close to the anime awards yet again.

Crunchyroll, the world's largest anime streaming service is about to hold its 2022 season anime awards. Similar to what we did last year, we will be going to go through all of our votes, a few reasons why we chose them and what we expect to happen.


The way this works is by us, the viewers, putting in our votes for what we believe is the best anime in a number of different categories. If you want to participate then click the link below and put in your votes. Voting opens January 19th - 25th. So there isn’t a huge window open for voting. Get in quick and vote for your favourite anime.

This year we have all the returning categories with a few special categories as well. All of the categories have pre-selected characters, voice actors, etc. to pick from which have been selected by a panel of judges.

So what are our votes for the last season of anime?


By FAR the MOST hype category of all:

Anime of the Year: Demon Slayer but we think that it will be close between this and Attack on Titan. Spy x Family was unreal and will win other awards for sure.

Best Original Anime: Honestly haven't watched any of the nominated animes because generally these fly under the radar because there was no manga. These can be hard to get right and have a bad reputation. Based on what we have seen you cant go past Lycoris Recoil because it is done by A-1 Pictures.

Best Animation: Without even looking at the nominees, we immediately agreed it would be DEMON SLAYER. The fight scenes between the hashiras, demons and main characters are absolutely next level. Yes, the other shows also had some high quality animation, but this will always take the cake. Ufotable are just next level with their animation, plus they also won last year.

Best Continuing Series: A couple of massive names in this list but our favourite was Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - ultra romantic. Although we think an anime with a bigger fan base will win: one piece Attack on Titan and maybe Demon Slayer

Best Opening Sequence: We chose Mixed Nuts by OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM. The opening was great and really suited the anime and the theme it was going for.

Best Film: Jujutsu Kaisen Movie - this is a great prequel to the main show and shows a background to it.

Jake did watch most of the movies on the list and although they were all REALLY good, and I do have some bias towards Dragon Ball, but the Jujutsu Kaisen movie was incredible.

Best Main Character: As a whole, we both think Loid Forger was the best main character. Yes we know you might think Eren should and probably will win this one. But we personally believe Eren is a wanker for making us wait 10 years for The Final Season Pro Max Ultra Mega Part 1/9.

“Must Protect At All Costs” Character: Anya Forger - she had a rough childhood and was abused but she is now under the care of a spy and a hitwoman… they are good parents but.

Best Comedy: The best comedy was a toss between Spy x Family and Kaguya: Love Is War, but overall in terms of how much it made us laugh, Kaguya Sama takes the cake.

Best Fantasy: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 1 Part 2 - the reason behind this is because it's an isekai that makes you want to be in that world. Whereas you don't wanna live in the Demon Slayer world even though Tanjiro would protect you…

Best Character Design:

Jake - I chose to pick Spy x Family here. I based this purely from the fact of not only good animation, but also the characters' voice, back story, development through the show and how they impact the viewers.

Haydon - My Dress up Darling because there are many different scenes with the main character looking very different which was cool.

Best New Series: Spy x Family - we have mentioned this show many times and great quality!

Best Ending Sequence: For this we had to actually go back and listen to some of the endings to remember them because we usually skip over them. For this years winner we decided to go with Kaguya: Love Is War. Kaguya racking up the votes.

Best Score: Had no idea what this meant until we googled the definition: An original score is a substantial body of music that serves as original dramatic underscoring and is written specifically for the motion picture by the submitting composer(s)

Our Vote is: Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina from Demon Slayer

Best Director: We picked Demon Slayer purely because we have read the manga and the anime has modeled it perfectly. Obviously the unreal animation is a bonus.

Best Supporting Character: Tengen Uzui the Sound Hashira. He was flashy and stood out which makes a great supporting character.

Best Action: This one is easy…Demon Slayer wins it again without question. The final fight, if you haven’t seen it, is literally one of the best things in the well.

Best Drama: Attack on Titan the Final Season Part 2 which has had a shift from being an action mystery show to a drama in this final season.

Best Romance: The easy winner for this is a no brainer, it is literally in the name of the show - Kaguya: Love Is War - Ultra Romantic. Simple and easy. This show is easily one of our favorites, pretty sure we both gave it a 10/10.

Best Anime Song: Haydon didn’t see the movie but I did. The song from the One Piece Film: Red was amazing. The entire album is actually really good.

Best VA Performance English: Back in the day, myself and Haydon would have watched all the anime in English Dub…However, we have matured and become better humans. We now typically only watch anime in Japanese. But based on our years of looking at MAL and voice actors and doing previous voting, we believe the winner will be the Voice Actor from Spy x Family.

Best VA Performance Japanese: Yuki Kaji, the voice actor of Eren from Attack on Titan. You can hear all the emotion in his voice which makes him an unreal voice actor.

Special Awards: The special awards will not be voted by the public but instead be determined by an industry panel or a special guest at the show.

Thank you for playing along with your favourite votes, and thank you for voting if you managed to get in. We know when we do these anime award blogs, they can be a little lengthy, but we do appreciate you reading them and supporting us. This week's blog was super fun and we enjoyed every moment.

Here is the final ballot:

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