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Crunchyroll anime awards 2023 - THE WINNERS

Hey Gym N Japan Fam!! And welcome to the crunchyroll anime awards for 2023. As you are already aware we have been anticipating this release for a number of months from our post on 22 January (if you haven't read it, Click Here).

The first post was about our votes and what we voted for. Now we can bring you the actual winner (and not just our biased uncultured opinion ;)).

At the end of this we will do a tally of how many we got right! Should be interesting to see if we are cultured/understand what the people like.


Probably the biggest title to win in the Crunchyroll anime awards would be the Anime of the Year!

Anime of the Year

This year came as a bit of a shock because we honestly thought that Demon Slayer would take out the top honor! And a Netflix anime we are very surprised. If Demon Slayer didn't win we thought that maybe Attack on Titan or Spy X Family would take this out! To be fair they get a lot of awards so read on to see. I think you will see a review on this one in the near future and we will start a tradition of rating the best anime of the previous year if we haven't rated them already!

Based on this anime winning though and from what we heard people talking about, it is definitely something we are going to be watching in the next few weeks. Maybe we will even do a nice little post reviewing this anime?

Congrats to CyberPunk: Edgerunners!!

Guessed correctly: Not even close

Running total guessed correctly: 0/1


Best Original Anime

Here we have picked our first one of the year. This one was a bit of a no brainer because this show got a bit of hype even though we never watch it. We will have to give this one a watch at some point!

Based on feedback and reviews, this one looks insane and to be honest, we have no idea why we haven't watched this one alread.

Guessed correctly: YES first of many... we hope!

Running total guessed correctly: 1/2


Best Character Design

For this Jake picked Spy x Family and Haydon picked My Dress Up Darling.

We aren't going to be mad at this because the season of Demon Slayer was flashy and pretty sick. We should have at least considered Demon Slayer tbh.

We based our picks on Best Character Design around the best designed character in terms of personality and character development. Otherwise we would have definitely got this one correct.

Guessed correctly: NOPE but not gonna argue

Running total guessed correctly: 1/3


Best Animation

There is no surprise with Demon Slayer taking out this... They have the biggest budget and have been consistently amazing sooo. And makes sense that the best character design was also won by Demon Slayer!

Guessed correctly: YES - this was a guaranteed win to be fair

Running total guessed correctly: 2/4


Best New Series

Spy X Family was an absolute banger of a show which is different from your usual run of the mill show. Keen to see this show progress over the next few years!

Guessed correctly: YES - yaya better than 50% now surely we will pass as cultured

Running total guessed correctly: 3/5


Best Continuing Series

Alright we really should have seen this coming... One piece is one of the hottest and longest running anime so the fans came out in force to vote for it! Once again we aren't going to argue. We had Kaguya Sama: Love is War - Ultra Romantic (which surely came second at least?). As a side note - this poster below for One Piece is actually pretty sick.

Guessed correctly: NOPE

Running total guessed correctly: 3/6


Best Opening Sequence

We both picked the opening in Spy x Family, and purely because we didn't want Attack on Titan to win more awards hahah... I mean the AOT op was quite good so not too mad.

Guessed correctly: No - less than 50% guess rate now RIP

Running total guessed correctly: 3/7


Best Ending Sequence

For this we both picked Kaguya: Love is War. Again we didn't really listen to many ending sequences so we just thought this would be a good pick...ahahah that will teach us.

Guessed correctly: Nope...once again we are wrong

Running total guessed correctly: 3/8


Best Score

For our original guess we decided to go with Demon Slayer because we though the music and soundtracks throughout the entire show was insane...but no of course AOT wins yet another award. Not that we care too much...(Jake secretly cares a lot).

Guessed correctly: Again we guessed incorrectly...but honestly fkn AOT winning so many awards is some bullshit

Running total guessed correctly: 3/9


Best Film

Aye we actually guessed this one correctly. This prequel movie to the original series is insanely good and if you still haven't seen it, then get yourself a free 14 day free trial on Crunchyroll, sit your ass down and watch this.

Guessed correctly: YESSS FINALLY

Running total guessed correctly: 4/10 - two more and we are back to 50%


Best Anime Song

So for this we decided to pick One Piece Film: Red. The songs in that movie were so fricken good and the entire album is worth the listen if you love anime songs.

Guessed correctly: Wrong again because apparently it's just the AOT awards...

Running total guessed correctly: 4/11


Best Director

Guessed this one correctly. Demon slayer has by far again the biggest budget and best directors money can buy. If you compare this to Ufotables other work like Fate/Stay Night: UBW then it is to no surprise.

Guessed correctly: YEAH BABY we got this one. Demon Slayer deserves more awards.

Running total guessed correctly: 5/12


Best Main Character

For this we guessed Loid Forger. What a king. We were so sure his role in Spy Family was going to win him this award. But no...

Guessed correctly: No...I swear if Eren Ligma Bumcrack wins another award I will lose my shit

Running total guessed correctly: 5/13


Best Supporting Character

Honestly this one was quite a difficult one to try and pick. There were so many good options to go for. We decided to go with Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer. Which to be fair had to be a close second at least.

Guessed correctly: Wrong but not mad about this

Running total guessed correctly: 5/14


"Must Protect At All Costs" Character

This was seriously a no brainer...

Guessed correctly: Easy dubs

Running total guessed correctly: 6/15


Best Action

Again this was quite easy. Demon Slayer had the best fight right at the end. If anything other than this won the award, I would have flipped the table like when you are bankrupt in a game of monopoly and walked away.

Guessed correctly: Yep

Running total guessed correctly: 7/16 - slowly climbing our way up


Best Comedy

I remember when me and Haydon were trying to pick. It was between this and Kaguya. We thought personally kaguya was funnier. But the people have spoken. Maybe Kaguya is just always on our minds because she is the ultimate waifu. But Spy Family have deserved this award.

Guessed correctly: No, but that's okay.

Running total guessed correctly: 7/17


Best Drama

Hey we actually guessed this one correctly this time. The drama of this show is next level so it was kind of an easy one to pick to be honest. I don't know why but I (Jake) just really hate AOT winning literally any award for some reason :')

Guessed correctly: Of course we got it right

Running total guessed correctly: 8/18


Best Fantasy

Okay so when doing this, we were both like, Demon Slayer is definitely going to win this, but I think it's because Jobless Reincarnation came out so early in the season that people didn't really remember how fricken good it was. But honestly, we are idiots and should have picked Demon Slayer on this one.

Guessed correctly: Nope but our own fault.

Running total guessed correctly: 8/19


Best Romance

Unfortunately we got this wrong...kidding, how the hell anyone could not vote for this romance show is beyond us. Romance is literally in the title. President is such a cutie and the most Ultra Romantic there could possibly be.

Guessed correctly: Easy peasy

Running total guessed correctly: 9/20


Best VA Performance (Japanese)

We all probably picked Eren because of all the memes on facebook. But whenever you hear this man talk in the anime, it is like an eargasm..."Eren Yaegar"

Guessed correctly: Yes

Running total guessed correctly: 10/21


Best VA Performance (English)

Okay so this one was totally not fair. Me and Haydon are both sophisticated weebs at this point, we have a goddamn anime blog for christ sakes. Meaning we never watch shows (rarely) that are in english. The Sub is way better than the Dub most of the time. But I think when we watch this series we will watch it dubbed considering this guy won the award. Well played sir, well played

Guessed correctly: No

Running total guessed correctly: 10/22


So our final score wasn't great. But we now know for next year what people are thinking and how they vote. So we can do a vote next year on what we want to win and what we actually think will win based on how the viewers pick their anime.

We know AOT would win so many awards, and lets be real, we can make a pretty wild and futuristic guess right here and now, and say that this will be no different next year. Unless the claims of Demon Slayer taking their animation to the next level are true, then it could be the year of the Demon Slayers.

If you are reading from around the world we apologise because we haven't included the Best VA for other languages! The reason behind this is that we haven't watched the anime in this language so we don't really have many comments on them. We even struggle with English because we just watch so much in Japanese.

If you want to see the full list and read some of the articles around the crunchyroll anime awards then head to the crunchyroll website:

They also have a youtube video with all the highlights :D


As always, thank you for reading to the end. We really do appreciate any and all of the support from everyone who reads our blog. We put a lot of time and effort into it so it is appreciated.

If you could go and share it on social media or even just tell your friends about it, the more we can spread our humor and love for Gym and Japan, the better the world would be.

Until next week

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

P.S Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!




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