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Good anime rated less than 7

What is up Gym N Japan FAM! Here’s another hot topic for you all and that is anime with a rating of 7 or less! As all anime lovers know that pretty much anything below a 7 is generally not worth watching and we are here to provide you with a diamond in the rough! Did you just think to yourself oh wow they are doing a lot of shit anime, guess what! There are a few good ones out there rated under 7! We are by no means saying that these are our favourite shows but they either gave us a laugh or filled in a few hours.

I think we kinda like to just draw the line at 7 when it comes to the good vs bad but it is a little more complicated than that. Some shows have not much story to it but have decent animation and are kinda entertaining so we think there’s definitely value in them so that’s why we have made this list to recognize them. Obviously there is Boruto but that’s below 6 and regarded as a trash tier. I will give it to Borito for having some entertaining battles and decent animation. I Haydon do think its rated a little low for what it is tbh but all the Naruto nerds hate it so it's bombarded with bad reviews lol

Alright without further ado here are the few anime under 7 that we think were good. This list is based on the MyAnimeList Score. The score we believe is based on how fans rate the show once watching it, so it is a good depiction most of the time of how the show is going. However in this case we disagreed and thought they were worth watching.


Wise man’s grandchild- MAL RATING: 6.60

Here is a show that both of us thought was seriously underrated! Like how was this show rated under 7? Obviously it’s your typical show where the MC is just so OP it can be annoying BUT where he has strengths there’s also some weaknesses that he overcomes! Don’t forget this is also an isekai where he is reincarnated into this unfamiliar world. It was pretty cool that he would apply the real world ways into this new world and therefore explaining why he is so OP. Next I liked that the show had a few episodes character building as the MC was a child and you get a good understanding of Shin and how/why he is so OP. Overall we thought that the animation was good so that’s a plus, obviously they wouldn’t have the world’s biggest budget but no faults so to speak. Probably a highlight for us would be the comedy and how it is serious but kinda not at the same time? They made some good jokes, you laugh at how OP sin is and there’s a bit of romance too ;)

I would say that the main thing letting this down is the lack of depth in the story line, however still a good show for something rated less than 7.


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest- MAL RATING: 6.67

This one is interesting and I think that the only thing that let this showdown was the pacing of the story! Neither of us have read the manga but it rated so much higher at 7.74! wowee they didn’t nail the anime however we still think it is worthy of this list because it is still pretty decent. We think that the story for this is quite awesome and I guess any anime that does this usually makes for an entertaining watch! Usually you know that an anime is worth/pretty good when it is rated less than 7 but is super popular. This is rated #5397 by rating but #322 by popularity.

Following on from this it also has a season 2! So obviously there was some interest in it if it was rated low and got another season. The second season only finished up a month ago and improved on the ratings getting to 7.22! Overall this show was pretty good.


How not to summon a demon load - MAL RATING: 6.90

This show is basically a ‘waste your Saturday’ with a 12 episode show. It has magic and 2 slave girls in it…sounds good already right? AHAHAHA! This show is light hearted but still keeps you engaged the entire way. It is based around a guy being reincarnated into a new world by 2 girls who summoned him. Sounds sooooo original right :’). The person they summoned is a Demon Lord, so from the start he is OP. I think it deserves around 7.5-7.0. Below 7 as we know is for the scum shows no one watches, whereas I think this show deserves a little more credit than it has been given.


Sword Art Online - Season 2 - MAL RATING: 6.71

Now this is a bit of a low ball if I have ever seen one. Now if we compare this season purely against the other sword art seasons, then yes it probably does deserve a 6.71…But in comparison to other anime, this show still hits better than most. The story still continues on with our favourite characters and some really cool new ones in the show as well. There is still some sword fighting action and Kiritos life still seems to be in danger. Overall this is still an amazing season of sword art, just not what we all expected with Kirito looking like a female!


Dragon Ball GT - MAL RATING: 6.46

Now, this of all the shows we are rating, is the most poorly represented. This series of Dragon Ball is unreal. OH NOOOO ItS NoT CaNoN. Who gives a F@&K. This show has a really cool story about it with some really unique characters. Goku’s transformation is still unreal as always and the introduction of SSJ4…GOD DAMN! This show deserves at least an 8/10. Fighting, super saiyans, bad guys and adventure is what we wanted and that’s what this show delivered. The bad guys are all really well written and the show as a whole was great. You weebs who rate it low can shove it.


Notable Mention: Redo of healer - MAL RATING: 6.32

Alright finally we have a nice romantic anime and a little revenge plot. About a guy with some cool abilities to be able to heal anything, yes anything. JKS we like this show is kinda messed up but still a little bit of a laugh... Jake and I thought that we could watch anything without feeling squeamish but this certainly made us feel that way and struggled to watch it. We do want to cater for everyone out there so be warned that this show isn’t for the faint hearted.

Another note on this one is that it definitely deserves the rating it has because it is just horrifying lol


Alrightio we are now done for another week!

As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

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