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Hey Gym n Japan Fam! This week we bring you the first part of the ‘how to’ series with how to get someone into the gym. Obviously we all have a friend, partner or family member that always says they are going to go to the gym with the age old excuse ‘next week’. We are going to give you a list of strategies that WILL help get them into the gym and this will be more than your just do it mentality that you are used to - which you should just do but still.

Call them nasty names

Oh whoops sorry we are trying to get them in the gym and not scare them away forever…


For those that keep saying ‘next week’ you need to follow them up with the question of “It’s Monday now, would you like to go to the gym?”. Obviously this might not work on the first time that you try it but persistence will pay off because they will realise how many times they have denied you to go to the gym. The key to this strategy is to follow up on a Monday and stay consistent with it - that one Monday you miss could be the one that they were going to crack.


Who doesn't love a reward? The same principle applies with someone you want top go to the gym - they LOVE rewards. Whether it’s as simple as offering to pay for the casual visit the first few times (if money is a factor). You could offer to take them out for coffee or food after? Maybe a dirty KFC if that's what they are into. However, as with all rewards they need to slow down over time and they need to be able to go to the gym on their own. Think of it like teaching a puppy how to sit for the first time - you reward them with treats and pats but over time you slowly stop doing it and they will obey… You don't want to create an association between gym and something that is not good for your health/ counterbalance the workout.


Obviously energy can be a huge part of not going to the gym because they might be tired after work etc, so having some pre-workout will help this by giving them more energy than they know what to do with. Obviously you kinda need them to be semi motivated if you are feeding them pre-workout but it is still motivation that even Jake and I need to get to the gym…

When picking a pre-workout there are other considerations to make like: beta alanine or not (tingles)? Pre-made cans or powder?

It also depends on the person you are trying to get into the gym… If you think they'd thrive from being in pain, maybe the tingles are for them? But if they would just complain (Haydon…) it might be better to go without the tingles. Once you get tingles it does put you in the mood to workout but it can have the opposite effect on some. Probably the safest option is to buy a pre-made can (because these taste amazing) and give that to them. If they like soft drinks they'll froth it and finish it quickly, and then they'll hopefully have the energy to hit the gym.


One of the hardest things is beginning a new task. It’s always always more difficult to go all in on something new you have never done before. New skills are frustrating to learn and people often give up after 2-4 weeks of any new skill. So something really simple and easy to do is just don't be a little bitch and go. Just kidding, start with 2 days a week and then slowly increase it up as you get more confident and start feeling how good it makes you feel.


Nothing worse than going to the gym without a solid plan in mind, so it might be worth presenting this to the person and showing how it can help. Something that can help with this is getting a PT or online coach to help get you started in the gym and on the way. A really great way to do this is go on instagram and message @jakebowlerr to set you up with a crazy workout plan and get you looking like swole greek god.

6. SHOW THEM PICS OF CBUM (or someone they aspire to be like)

No motivation like trying to be like your idol. For some it's the reason they wake up in the morning so tell them to grab hold of this motivation. If CBum doesn’t get you hard (in more ways than one) then I think you don’t have enough body dysmorphia, because everyone wants to look like CBum.

And here's what not to do

  • Call them names

  • Make them feel bad

  • Make their first workout too hard

  • Force them

  • Not give them Tren (or maybe you should ;) )


As always, thank you for reading to the end. We really do appreciate any and all of the support from everyone who reads our blog. We put a lot of time and effort into it so it is appreciated.

If you could go and share it on social media or even just tell your friends about it, the more we can spread our humour and love for Gym and Japan, the better the world would be.

Until next week

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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