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How to Regain your Purpose for Going to the Gym!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

How to get inspired / reinspired for gym!

What is up Gym N Japan fam! Here we are with our second post for the week and this one is going to contain all the things you should do to get inspired / reinspired for the gym. We have all gone through those rough patches where we really struggled to either find time or motivation to go. What we have found is that it's never time that stops you from being your very best! It is actually in fact your motivation… This is because when you have little to no motivation you will think that other things are more important than going to the gym or you are just being lazy…

Maybe you are new to the gym and need that inspiration to actually start?! Well these tips will hopefully help you out as well. Once you read this and get inspired, have a look at our previous post called “TOP 5 TIPS FOR STARTING IN THE GYM” which might also be helpful for those looking to start in the gym.

You have to remember though, we aren’t always going to be motivated through life every single day. If we were all motivated 24/7, then we would all be jacked, accomplishing our goals and never tired. However the reality is, there are times where motivation goes out the door. It is dedication and your mentality that gets your ass up, gets you to the gym and gets you looking HUGE! Don’t rely on motivation, but when you do find some, use it to its full potential!


Look at pictures of CBUM.

Probably the most important one when getting motivated for the gym.

In all seriousness it is actually a great idea to have something to aspire to and for us it is looking like CBUM. CBum looking absolutely enormous but also sexy is what gets most of us up, and when I mean get us up…you know what I mean ;)

Have a gym buddy that is consistent

Finding someone who is super consistent plus they actually want to go to the gym with you is very difficult! Not only that, but even the person you train with isn’t super dedicated, if you decide that you will both go together, then you are more likely to go and not want to let your friend down, ensuring you get to the gym more often!

Within this we think that it will also create a healthy competition between you and compete for more weight, reps etc.

Have a plan

There is nothing worse than going to the gym without an actual plan when getting back to it! Remember if you haven’t been for a while you will need to start slow and build your way into it again.

Plan it out in a journal or your calendar. Whatever works for you. The best way we have found is scheduling visually in your calendar the days you have work or other commitments, then putting 1-2hrs of gym time into that schedule! Then you have to stick to it. Make sure nothing else is a priority, because your personal health and well-being should be your number 1 priority.

Make a sick playlist

If you are keen to listen to some songs they may also help you get back into it!

We did make a few playlists on our blogs for all of you a while back here

Top workout songs

Top anime intro songs

Also note that some of these songs are a little old so we might do an update on that soon ;)

Use your personal energy or Pre-workout

I am putting both of these together. Because honestly, whatever you can use to drive you and give you energy is going to fuel an amazing workout.

Pre-workout is essential we think to being not only motivated but consistent in having solid workouts in the gym. Intensity in the gym is key to getting swole! The second you have your pre you know you have to burn that energy and use it somewhere, the gym is the place!

Alternatively or additionally, you may be going through something within yourself. Whether that’s the loss of someone you know, heart break or you’re just not in a good place in life right now, going to the gym to clear your head and using that energy to smash a naughty hardcore workout will honestly make you feel so much better! It may only be a temporary fix to what you’re feeling, but it’s time for you and only you, to better yourself.

AND there you have it! Done for another week. If you take one thing from this blog just think of CBUM and you will be sweet.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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