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I’m Quitting Heroing - Review

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! We have another review for you all! And I think this is a bit of a trend hey? With all these reviews.. We just enjoy talking about the anime we have watched so here we go!

Jake and I have decided that we will split our talents over a few different anime every season and review ourselves to give us more content/insights to anime that just came out. This week's review is brought to you by Haydon. Alright you might be asking - I have never heard of ‘I’m Quitting Heroing’. That is completely fine and I will get you up to scratch with it. This show is a 12 episode show which came out in spring 2022 (Finished in June 2022) so it is pretty fresh and the main reason I started it. It is also rated 7.07 on My Anime List.


The show is about a hero named Leo who single handedly defeated the demon army and he is then feared by the humans so its ultimately banished. SOO he quits heroing and tries to join the demon army. This is just the beginning of this big adventure with alot of complexities.

*Spoilers ahead*



When the show begins you can tell that this is your typical overpowered main character story where he is bored because he is just too strong / lost his purpose in life… Kinda gives those isekai vibes too BUT I still think that it was done differently enough from the others to make it interesting. It shows Leo (the hero) basically weaseling his way into the ranks of the demon army by helping each of the generals one by one while in disguise so that the demon queen wouldn't find out. I liked the leadership and wisdom that he showed and gave the generals but it felt like it actually didn’t change much? Kinda felt like he gained their trust more than actually developed their skills.. Maybe that will be in future seasons if they make it? They all felt exactly the same after his intervention with no real building of the demon army.

I do think that the animation was ok but you could kind of tell that it was on a budget without any real drawn out fights (which usually eat into a budget).

For me I love a good OP character but it kind of annoyed me that he never really had to try throughout the whole show so it was a little underwhelming in that aspect.. Maybe it was because we already knew he was op and didn't need to show it? With a little bit of mystery of his real capabilities.

I think the twists and turns in this show kept me interested! With minor plot twists and wild backstories kept it fresh enough / interesting to finish the show! I would never classify the show as bad but would be in the list of good anime rated at a 7. Another bit that set this anime apart from others was seeing the demons' perspective and why they attack the human world. In this case it is a noble cause to make the demon world better which I am all about and once again it will be interesting how much better they can make the demon world in future seasons.

Oh and how can I forget about the comedy side of things! They make some funny succubus jokes which give you a laugh as well as the typical Tsundere tropes which are interesting to watch. Don't forget they are all hotties ;)

Lastly - I had to look this one up online to stream it because it wasn't on Crunchyroll, Funimation etc.

Dubbed you may ask? Unfortunately I don't think this has a dub just yet for you dub only watchers but never say never and keep your eyes peeled!

Overall I thought this anime was good but nothing outstanding about it. I haven't read the manga or anything but I think it would be interesting to see where the story goes/ if they compare the demon army of now (with Leo) vs the old demon army without Leo's mentoring. If you have other red hot priorities from the Spring 2022 season I would definitely watch those first.

Rating - 7/10.



As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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