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LIFE UPDATE v2.0 - Jake

Yo, Gym N Japan, what is up everyone! This week is a little personal and we haven’t done one of these in a while. This week is a life update about me (Jake). A lot has happened in 2022 and some things aren’t amazing but there have been some positives. So, for the purpose of this blog, we will talk only about the positives…and maybe some of my many injuries which continue to increase.

To begin with, on the 12th of August I will be flying out to London. I am meeting one of my best mates over there and we are traveling all over Europe for 3 weeks. We have both never been before, so we are cramming a lot of different places into this one trip. The trip schedule looks a little like this (is subject to change):

London → Amsterdam → Berlin → Prague → Salzburg → Florence → Venice → Croatia where we are doing a week-long cruise → Back into Paris for the final few days before leaving back in London. So that should be a lot of fun and some time to unwind.

On top of this I have also resigned from my current job as a Podiatrist with the plan to either get into the Firey’s here in SA or potentially go to Canada for 6 months and work on the ski slopes. This will be a massive change for me as I have never been away from home for longer than 4 weeks at a time.

The plan in the meantime is to start my own online training and mindset program. However, I don’t want it to be the same as all those other lame ones out there where they get you to sign up to their training app and you just eat generic foods and do generic workouts. This will be completely customised and will include weekly or more if needed, one on one calls and zoom meetings with myself to do check-ins. Basically looking at how the food went for the week, training and physique is looking. So far this is all in the planning stages but training and teaching people about training is something I am super passionate about so it is a business idea I want to make happen. On top of this I have recently completed an absolutely wild mental course myself which ran for 8 weeks. This was honestly life changing and I hope to bring the skills and knowledge I learnt there into this online plan I am doing.

Finally a little injury update for you all.

  1. January → Left foot 5th metatarsal stress fracture

  2. May → Hamstring tear left side

  3. Groin strain on both sides

  4. Ruptured right hand little finger tendon → Required immediate surgery to get it fixed

All from playing footy.

With Jake being away for the next month we have both smashed out a heap of blogs for you all to enjoy each week!

Here are some of the blogs we will be doing:

  • Review: Skeleton Knight in Another World (Another Review for yall)

  • Morning Training and how to get started

  • Anime Seasons/Cours what are they?

  • Training on holidays (with a lil update from jake while he is away/what training he is doing)

  • Training with an injury and what it looks like

  • Buying Manga vs Reading online


We wanted to make sure that we are completely ahead of the game and aren't trying to do them while I am away, because let's be real, Haydon will end up doing it all if we left it all to the week of...



As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

P.S don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!




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