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Personal Update: Haydon Cottier

*Catchphrase* I mean: What’s going on Gym N Japan Fam! This week is a short blog update for me! Purely because Jake took all the spot light a few weeks ago... I mean my life is pretty boring but thought I’d update you all anyway.

Soo I now no longer work in a gym which was a hard decision to make. If I am going to blame anyone for this change, I’ll blame covid with all the gyms shutting down multiple times... The job is involving covid and as the saying goes “if you can’t beat em, join em”. Either way I think I made the right decision with this and will hopefully lead to some good progression in the future! :D

Since this move from gym manager, I have found that I have a lot more energy to go to the gym and workout myself. Everyone probably thinks that when you work in a gym, you’ll have all the time in the world to train, right? WRONG! You have to work... and when you finish work you want to go home like any normal person would. I found switching off very difficult. I found that I had energy to train but it still felt like work so I’d either rush a workout or not workout at all... I found that I had slipped with my training as I had a goal of 80kg by the end of the year. I got to 74.5 then slipped back down to 71 when I last weighed myself rippp. Back on that Push, Pull Legs program baby! By the end of the year, I’ll be kicking even more goals in the gym.

Some of you may have been wondering how I went with the Star Wars Visions. Also love the image above so had to include! Maybe we create a mech line with it? Sorry I wasn't trying the change the conversation but yeh I have news and it’s all bad lol 1 more week I promise and ill have it completed! I have been really into Tokyo revengers this week and smashed it out! Highly rate it, can confirm it’s as good as the hype suggests! You do have to like time travel and mystery that’s for sure. Gonna have to hold off on Squid Game for the blog... dammit!

Also, I just found out that not everyone likes to clap when the sun goes down... party poopers. Anyway at least I know the people at Mindil Beach Markets have my back and will clap with me and yell “thank you mother nature” as it goes down. Anyway, that’s all for me today! Have a good day. I mean don't have a good day, have a great day! Yes I watched Free Guy recently.

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

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