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Product review: Premium GYM N JAPAN Duffle bag.

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! It is finally time to do a review of arguably the coolest product that we have to offer. The product we are talking about is the Premium Gym N Japan Duffle Bag. If you want to buy it without the review CLICK HERE. We tried to make this short but here you are reading on wanting more from us! We have had this product and many of the products in our store for quite some time so I thought that it was about time that I should buy something and do a review on it. I am terrible at reviews because I am most of the time too nice with them lol. Should see my anime ratings on MAL… I only have a handful below the rating of 8/10 hahah. I will try to be as balanced as I can.

Carry handle model

There’s a few reasons that I (Haydon) purchased this bag:

1) Jake is a pussy who won't part with money for the greater good and would rather buy Digimon cards smh… (to be fair he did say he will buy a future product but still).

2) To test to see how smooth the payment process was and order as if I was a proper customer.

3) To find out how long the product takes to come, which I will explain later.


Alright let's go in order of steps to actually buy the bag. When buying it through our site it works exactly like any other online shopping site: By finding the product you want then you add the item/s to the cart then you go to the checkout tab and pay for it. See the screenshot below of the bag in the item shop. The bag itself is $110 BUT we are working on a way to make it cheaper! The next thing that you need is: to add is shipping with the option for standard ($5) or express shipping ($12), then once you pick your shipping method you can pay for your product from a credit card or paypal.

I ordered the bag on 11th of January and got the email confirmation straight away as you normally do for online shopping. 2 days later I got another confirmation saying that my order was on the way*. Honestly I thought that the manufacturing time was going to be a week or two so was very impressed with this side of things. The product finally arrived on the 9th of February which was delivered via Australia post. I am very impatient when waiting for things to get delivered so I thought that the delivery time was a little too long for my liking considering I paid for express? -1 point.

Alright I now have this $122 bag and I am pretty impressed by the look of it! The designs we put on it have all come out really nicely and can see our logo quite clearly which is nice (see picture below). Props to Jake for making a FIRE logo, first of many designs we hope :D. We have placed our logo 6 times on this bag and I think it works? Especially because the logo is quite soft, blends in with the colour pattern and doesn’t stick out heaps. It is 100% polyester according to the supplier but to give you an idea of how it feels, it feels a bit like canvas but doesn't feel flimsy/ won't break quickly. A concern I have over the lifetime of the bag is that it will fade so it is unknown how it will look after a period of time. Something we will be looking at in the future is to bring out other colours which will require a rework of our logo to suit it. I like the look of it and wouldn't embarrassed to use it in public so it gets full points from me for looks: No Point deductions.


Straps / Handles.

So the bag has the two options to carry the bag, similar to any duffle bag ever. You have the option to use the shoulder strap or carry it normally with the handle. Of course I had to try to model it down the street looking like an idiot.. Anything for this blog I guess haha! Might create some shakers and towels then call myself a sponsored athlete lol. On the side of the bag that is cover in a lot of images there is an elastic pocket for small items, maybe the strap if you are just using the handle. Only positives with the design of this so: No point deductions.

Shoulder Strap model.


Finally the inside of the bag.

So the bag is quite big especially for a gym bag however I would never say that is a negative because it means you can take it traveling or put even more stuff in it! Maybe it would be perfect for a tradie who has work boots and bulky work uniform? My normal outfit plus shoes, water bottle and shaker fill up about ⅓ of the bag space if that helps.

Inside there are 3 pockets and all attached to the side of the bag which would be great for your wallet, keys and gym pass etc. 1 of the pockets has a zipper for added security/ so it doesn't move if you put the bag upside down. Finally, on the bottom of the bag it has an insert that keeps the base pretty stable so it won't crumble when carrying it. It is stitched to the bag as well so it won't come out easily.

A cool bit we forgot that we added inside was a little on one of the pockets. Might remove this in the future so get your hands on the OG which could be worth a mint when we become a huge company. No point deductions.

Inside the bag

Finally we obviously have to think of anyone buying this so price is a huge factor when buying anything. This bag cost a total of $122 including shipping which is very expensive for a gym bag. Price is a massive motivator for me so I have to remove a point for it. -1 Point.




A couple of improvements we are looking to make:

  1. Make the bag slightly smaller.

  2. Make it cheaper (find a supplier that can do it cheaper and hopefully within AUS).

  3. Possibly stocking products ourselves for quicker delivery times.

  4. Another colour.

That is our review completed for another week. If you are convinced to buy this great original product CLICK HERE ;). ALSO for those looking to buy this awesome OG GYMNJAPAN bag be sure to use the code: LIL5ER. This will give you 5% off at the checkout for our loyal fans :D


Haydon and I are working on some really exciting new ideas where we will be able to stock and source our products locally from people found in Australia! We want to support small businesses and build a strong community with everyone involved by building a strong team.

We will keep you all updated on the process we are going through and plan for 2022 to be a big year in terms of growth of our small community and hopefully getting more involvement from you guys to help us with product designs and new content ideas, potentially doing stuff other than just the blog!

*LITTLE SIDE NOTE: The way our shop works is everything is made to order where our supplier gets the order and creates the product for you. We don’t stock any of the products ourselves because there is an initial outlay to stock them.

We are looking at a way to do this in the future so that the delivery time isn't as long.


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

P.S don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!



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