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Review: Skeleton Knight in Another World

What is up Gym N Japan Fam! We are back again with yet another ANIME REVIEW. This week I (Jake) will be doing a nice short review on a relatively new anime called “Skeleton Knight in Another World.”

First let me start by saying, yes this is a 12 episode anime…so I already know what you all might be thinking, it’s an isekai…well basically yeah it is. But, it’s quite enjoyable and one of those shows you can smash out in a day or two if you’re really on that anime hype binge watching train.

The story follows the main character named ARC who found himself in another world. He is born into the world where he is his main character from a video game but also a different world to his video game, just the character from it. He is overpowered (OP) as all hell, but that’s what we love.

There is magic and fist fighting in the series which we all love. As you would expect, he has a couple of companions in the show as well. One is a little creature which is this super cute little green fox with 5 tails. Thennnnn the other main one is an elf with pink hair and massive badonkadonks. There is also a little side character who is a ninja beast person, that is of course a female also.


The animation was not too bad at all. You could definitely tell it was slightly more budgeted, but overall for a 12 episode series it was pretty good. I think the current age we live in, most shows now have relatively good animation to try and compete the ever growing market of new anime. So when new shows come out, they usually look good, regardless of the story or characters.

A lot of the story develops quite quickly throughout the show. Unfortunately the series doesn’t end. Well it kind of does but also leaves a lot of doors open for a second season. Overall, I would rate this show a 7.5/10. I definitely enjoyed watching it but also, it’s your typical 12 episode anime with minimal character development and the story isn’t amazing. But, you should go and watch it nonetheless.

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