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Star Wars: Visions - What are our thoughts?

Our thoughts on Star Wars: Visions

What is going on Gym ‘N’ Japan Fam! If you haven’t seen or heard already, Disney+ has a new short series called Star Wars: Visions which just released last week. Boy oh boy did the trailers leading up to it look good. The series is created by some of the biggest Japanese Anime Studios, in which each short 13-22 minute episode has its own story and art style based on the producer. There are only 9 episodes, and let’s be honest, we can all smash that out in one sitting...comfortably.

Jake's Views:

Honestly some of the episodes were NOT what I was expecting at all. But if I had to pick one or two, I would have to say episodes 3 and 8 were equally my favourite of the two. I believe episode 3 was done by Studio Trigger, whom I love their art style, which may lead to some biased opinion but nonetheless they were overall my favourite. Episode 8 was done by Geno Studio.

My favourite fight scene comes from episode 3, what a coincidence it lines up with one of my favourite episodes. However, in saying this, if episode 1 wasn’t so dark, I would have loved it immensely. The story line of episode 1 was great, the art was just hard to watch and follow. The fight scene in episode 3, without giving any spoilers away, was epic with flashing lights, explosions, the works!!!

My favourite character comes from episode 2, which was one of those episodes I enjoyed, but to my own surprise enjoyed. The main character stood out for me because of his passion for what he did and his strong connection to his friends.

Although it wasn’t what I was expecting, the series as a whole was extremely captivating and a joy to watch. Some of the episodes I felt could be turned into entire series, which would be amazing, hopefully you’re reading this Disney+. The animation change from episode to episode was super unique and I thought it worked really well. It was like starting a bunch of series all at once. Hopefully there is a part II to this in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Haydon's View - For where he is up

We both decided to watch the new Star Wars series that came out on Disney Plus but someone didn’t get through all of it... Sorry... Life gets in the way with the AFL Grand Final and working a lot of overtime! But I’ll give my insight from the 3 episodes I did watch and update you all next week on how the whole thing went so it lines up with Jakes part. Pretty much every episode is created by a different production company so each of them will be very different. One thing I didn’t like with the series as a whole (probably Disney’s fault) was the subtitles! They just didn’t fit in there nicely and made me watch it dubbed which is rare for me... Could have been just the darkness of the first episode but IDK...

Of the 3 episodes I thought that episode 1 was OK and I didn’t really like the art style in it, felt way too dark/old... I know that it was supposed to be in the past but it just didn’t click for me... To be fair the light sabres were sick and really shined! The fight scenes in it were very well put together but just didn’t like the animation. Of the 3 episodes I have watched this was my least favourite.

Episode 2: Bit of a music based episode and I didn’t hate it which is rare for a music.

Episode 3: Pretty hectic episode by Trigger and was very impressed with it. I would say this will be in my top few episodes when I update you all next week! One funny thing I noticed was that when they were in space they could breathe? And they had gravity while in the air? Either way still a great episode!

I am keen to see what the rest of the series is like :D

On another note for the Demon Slayer fans! It has finally been announced that they will be running the Mugen Train arc as a TV series! This will include an original first episode and some new cuts for that extra content we have all been craving... This will begin weekly airing on October 10.

Once the Mugen Train arc finishes we will have SEASON 2 which has now been scheduled to start on December 5! KEEEEEN!

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

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