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The BEST Fortnite Stats you Have Ever Seen!

Haydon and Jake’s FORTNITE stats

Hey Gym N Japan Fam! This week we are bringing you something a little different with… Our FORTNITE stats! For those who don't know, we both absolutely love playing Fortnite and have been playing consistently for around 4 years… at this point in our lives we probably play Fortnite more than we watch anime which really says something.

Now you are probably wondering how you can get your Fortnite stats? Well there is a handy website called Fortnite tracker found here:

Just type in your profile name and you will get all of your stats. You can filter by season, console type, controller, keyboard etc.

Before you continue reading, ngl but we are cracked at Fortnite so our stats are better than your average player…is what we would like to say HAHAHA. We aren’t the worst players in the world but definitely not the best.



Alright I am going to set this out so you can see my progression over time starting with when I played on PS4, PC with controller then the transition to Keyboard and mouse.

Moving to keyboard and mouse is very difficult but it is worth the change if you can put up with being doodoo for a while.

Jake and I would feel so sick when we started playing keyboard and mouse so it took us a lot longer to transition.

PlayStation days

These are my stats from when I played on PlayStation...

As you can probably tell I was absolute rubbish when I played on PS4 with a nice K/D of 1.16 LOL. I think I just played so I could just be a meat shield for the squad? But we won a few times hahaha.. I think the game was a lot easier to win back then because we won 14 games in a row!

Controller days

The controller stats also include the stats from when I played on PS4 so you can see a slight improvement in K/D in only a few hundred games! Wish I could get the stats from just the PC with the controller but I don't think it's possible.. Big Sad. ALSO have a look at that average match time HAHAH! Basically dying on spawn every game LOL

Keyboard and mouse

And here we have the stats since I transferred to keyboard and mouse! You can see a significant improvement in the K/D which is double what I would get on PS4 and don't die on spawn as much as I used to.

*The boys never get on anymore so it's always Duos with the two of us.

And solos is dogs#it so I haven't played a lot of it since the PS4 days. We also get mad anxiety playing by ourselves in such a big wide world hahahah!


Here are my overall stats between PS4, PC with controller and PC with Keyboard.

The main part of this is that I have spent 34 days of my life playing… LOL 1 whole month with some change.. Hahahah

I think that moving to keyboard and mouse was one of the best things I have done so I highly recommend doing it even though it is difficult, you can do it!



On the controller - which included my PC controller days when I first got my PC and my PS4 days, I had put in A LOT of hours. I used to take my PS4 with me everywhere when I would go away for more than a week somewhere so I could play Fortnite with the lads. The stats here aren’t amazing but not terrible. I’ve never been someone to play games solo so I haven’t got many stats there when compared to duos, trios and squads.

PC Gaming

Now we have the transition into the PC, where we are completely on mouse and keyboard. The KD overall is better but the time played here actually went down. A lot of the boys stopped playing plus we all finished uni and actually had to work. The transition was difficult away from a controller but it makes the game a lot more enjoyable and ‘easier’ with keyboard and mouse combo!


Overall, yes the KD needs to be higher, but I think now that Fortnite has the NO BUILDS mode, it will slowly go up as I seem to carry Haydon in every game and usually average around 6-10 kills per game. Building is, was and always will be fun, but the skill gap is too ridiculous now. Almost 30 days have been spent on Fortnite which is crazy, but compared to other people who have 5000+ hours on games, it’s not a lot.

We could will go through our seasonal stats within another post but we hope that this is a good oversight for both of us :D

And that is all for this week! If you want to squad up just send us a DM and we will pencil you in ;)

Let us know if you liked this kind of content and we will post more about the games we play!


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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