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Hey Gym N Japan Fam! This week is Jake’s last week in Australia and his PC :( So we are having one last fortnite session to say goodbye. The aim of this session is to get some filthy dubs and get to level 100! Currently level 80 rip.

Alright we had a few warm up games before dinner which don't officially count as games. The warm up games didn’t go great, but that’s what warm up games are for!

What is going to happen below is we will put a time stamp on when the game finished and what happened in each game. It should be a little amusing and funny. The shorter the time period between timestamps…the faster we died. Then obviously a good 20-25 minutes would be…you know it, second place to the last team ;) Kidding we never lose to the last team, we only get the dubs.


7:53pm - Game 1 - Post dinner and car sale - got the dub and a crown vic roy dub too (after steal a crown late in the game)

Jake 7 (3K damage) Haydon 8 (2.5K damage)

Absolutely decimated the kids who landed in Greasy Grove

8:03pm - Died after a nuts start again

Jake clutching but dying to 3rd party team

Pretty sure in the first 2 minutes of the game we both had 4-5 kills each. Was absolutely mental. We ran out of ammo and only managed to stay alive so long because we would kill an entire team, loot their 1 clip of ammo and then go again. Was wildddddd.

8:14PM - DIED trying to be a 3rd partier (Jake) and Haydon tried to be a hero and avenge Jakes death but lost and the dude had 31 HP left

8:24pm - Jake died by being slid off the blimp because Haydon wouldn’t move because he was hard scoping another guy. He then tried sliding one of them off…

8.50pm - When you see a nice time gap between paragraphs…you know we did it! We got that juicy dub

Jake got knocked and then rezzed

Then Haydon died and I got the final kill at the end - not a crowned dub tho rip

9:07pm - Haydon went and got pizza on our fkn crown win game the bot…then I survived and tried to pick him up as he came back which cost us the game

9:09pm - Died at the end - tried to be sneaky and res Haydon but was too risky. Then died anyway

9:26pm - Haydon pushed a team too hard and died so Jake got the card and couldn’t rez for the rest of the game - Jake died in the top 10 RIP

I was hiding for ages trying to make it to the final few and hopefully get an easy 3rd party pick off and win at the end. But a team came right up to where I was hiding and absolutely ruined my day.


9:51PM - You know we got a big dubskie baby! 7 + 9

Absolutely cracked games

Jake got knocked at the end but Haydon clutched and rezd

Then we absolutely sent it with some shocky boys (shockwaves) onto the last kids and clapped them. Haydon weakened one before getting knocked, then I knocked him. His team-mate came in a little bit late to the party while I crouched behind a rock and then while he was swapping guns or looting, IDK what he was doing, while I had like 50HP and a dream, I unleashed my entire load (of ammo you sick minded people) into this guys head and won us the game!


Level update - Haydon is on Level 95 and Jake Level 96

We are killing these levels tonight, 100 coming in soon

Also, probably since the start of Chapter 3 - the leveling system feels so much easier. Back in the day we would play like 20+ hours per week of fortnite and it felt like we leveled up once a week 😂So it is a nice change of pace being able to jump on for a few hours, rack up some kills and dubs to get rewarded with a few levels per game.


10:07pm - Jake got snipped on top of a blimp and lost us the game top 10

10:07 - Dead

10:07 - Dead

10:08 - Dead

(Just kidding, we would never die this quickly…)

10:13 Dead off spawn

Guys just kept wanting the sausage and then eventually our sausage went flaccid and they gave us their sausage

10:24 - We got the dub and ended on a win :)

11 - J and 15 - H

To be honest we planned on playing until like midnight or later. But both of our eyes were killing us so we decided to call it quits after getting to level 100. We got more dubskies than we anticipated and managed to clap a few cheeks along the way with some high kill games.

Thank you for tuning into this week's blog. We hope you got some entertainment from it. 

Until next week!! Byeeee


If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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