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Top 2 Exercises for MASSIVE Delts

What is going on Gym n Japan, today’s blog is brought to you for the simple fact that we are sick of seeing people walking around with little golf ball sized deltoids. It looks sloppy and weak, and you know why, because you are. Just kidding, we just want to make the entire world jacked, so let’s talk about how to turn those little tennis ball shoulders into big bulging boulders.

What are the benefits of bigger shoulders?

1. Bigger usually means stronger

The more muscle tissue you have the stronger your shoulders typically are. Unless you’re injecting oil, to which we say, you’re a moron. This will mean you have stronger lifts like bench press, over head pressing and other movements which use your shoulders.

2. Bigger shoulders = healthier shoulder joints + less injuries

This is particularly important for those that play any form of sport and especially contact sport. Shoulder injuries are so damned common (Jake knows from experience with previous injuries and surgery). If there is more muscle to support the shoulder joint, the body can rely less on the supporting ligaments and joint structures, allowing the muscles to do the bulk of the work.

3. Aesthetics baby!!!

Bigger shoulders make you look wider, and in turn, make your waist look thinner. Yes, you’re going to look more like a dorito and more like a sexy greek god with that narrow waist line and wide upper body that makes people think, god damn, he can lift me up and throw me around any time. Or the ladies can also achieve that thinner waist line they seem to always be chasing, which will also make that booty pop even more.


Now you have come this far and are thinking, what the hell do you mean I can get insane delts with just 2 exercises??? We are going to discuss the 2 isolation exercises you should be performing to maximise deltoid muscle growth, but also discuss why some other exercises may or may not be completely necessary for everyone.


Lateral Raises

These are key to big lateral delt muscle growth. These can be performed with both dumbbells and on cables. We do recommend using a cable machine variation, simply because of the fact that there will be constant tension on the muscle throughout the movement, versus a dumbbell where most tension is lost towards the bottom of the movement.


Overhead Press

Again this can be done with dumbbells or a barbell. We typically like the dumbbell variant better due to being able to move your shoulder, elbow, scapular and wrist joints through a more safe and natural range of motion. This movement typically will develop more strength in your shoulders and can be progressively overloaded each session when compared to lateral raises.


As mentioned above there are also exercises you could do to give a more rounded shoulder workout, but typically aren’t required (unless you want to look like cbum). We say they aren’t required because:

  1. The anterior head of the deltoids are heavily stimulated during most pressing movements. Meaning on your chest day or push day, even during an overhead press, are heavily stimulated and generally do not require much or any isolation work. In saying this, if you do a designated ARM + SHOULDER day, then some isolation work can definitely be included.

  2. Rear Delts - Again these are very heavily stimulated during most pulling motions. Rows, deadlifts, pull ups, etc. will all include rear delt activation. This one can be done a little more in isolation compared to the anterior delt though. The rear delt can often be under developed in some people and the mid back or traps tend to take over, reducing rear delt activation during pulling motions. Some really great exercises which can be done for this are:

  • Rear delt cable fly

  • Reverse pec deck machine

  • Face pulls

These should be completed on a lower weight with slow, controlled movements to ensure you are isolating the rear delt muscle fibres.

We all know that time is thing that we are all struggling to find so if you want to grow your delts without doing too many exercises then stick to the above two we have recommended.


Until next week!! Byeeee

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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