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Top 7 upcoming Anime for the second half of 2022

Hey Gym N Japan fam! We haven’t done an anime post in quite a few weeks so here we go…

With the next season of anime around the corner as well as the second half of the year! Wow how quick did the year go, honestly feels like it’s still April at the latest… This week we will be going through 6 of the most anticipated anime for the rest of the year whether that is the July season (Summer 2022) or the October season (Fall 2022). You are probably wondering why we picked 6 anime instead of the usual 5, 3 or 10? Well that is because we had one more that we just had to mention and include in the list. To be fair we could have made a top 10 list but we aren't that mainstream.

1. Chainsaw man (Fall 2022? Maybe?)

Alright we don't technically know the exact date of this.. But it is rumoured to be coming out in October of 2022. We have talked about this already and here we go again! This show has it all, blood and guts, humour and romance as well as a decent plot overall. It will be very interesting to find out what Mappa does with its animation because this will become a hit if it's done right.

2. Bleach (Fall 2022)

Bleach is a super exciting anime many fans have literally been waiting for what feels like centuries for. The anime stopped right before the last arc in the manga, so it’s finally time to see the story come to its conclusion with a big finale. Rumoured to be coming out this year in October, if you haven’t started and finished this series yet, NOW is the time to get on to it.

3. My hero academia - Season 6 (Fall 2022)

I mean I think this would make any list purely because it would be one of the most popular anime around at the moment. The story behind this is just awesome and if you haven't started well you have a lot of watching to do with around 113 eps and 3 movies. The movies are pretty sick. Check out our review of the latest MHA movie here:

4. Mob psycho - Season 3 (Fall 2022)

The first 2 seasons of this were amazing both in story as well as animation, it will be interesting to see if it continues the high quality.

5. Spy x Family (Fall 2022)

JKs this list is actually gonna be 7 because this show is too good to not include *Almost forgot about this show so it was the last one to be added... Coming in October 2022 and will continue from part 1. We are super pumped for this but probably not as big as the top 6 and would be 7th if we extended the list.

6. Devil is a part timer - Season 2 (Summer 2022)

It has been a long time coming for this hugely popular show! This would have been in the first few anime that I (Haydon) watched and added to the love that I feel for anime today. If you haven't watched the first season, you have a few months to catch up!

7. Rent a Girlfriend - Season 2 (Summer 2022)

Bit of a guilty pleasure and an absolutely awesome show to round out our Top 6 (*7). Accidental love story in the making which just makes for great watching and entertainment. Some of you may have opinions on who should get to be happy but GFO if it's anyone but Chizuru or keep your opinion to yourself lol.


Notable mentions/ could have included

  • Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun (Summer 2022)

The last season was really good and continued good traction with the new movie which followed along with the canon story. So this one will be super hype when it is released. The show has its own unique story unlike many other shows we have seen before.

  • Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon - Season 4 (Summer 2022)

This is just a show that you love watching, it ends and then you patiently wait for the next season. Keen for it but there are other shows we are even more keen for!

  • Classroom of the elite (Summer 2022)

  • Overlord - Season 4 (Summer 2022)

All of these are great shows and we highly recommend them but they just don't match up to the hype/ elite status of those included in the Top 7. Looking back we should have done a top 10 but ah well.

AND that is all for this week! Thank you for tuning in.

NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE JUICCCCCCY! Haydon is going to finally finish Kaguya - Love is War - Ultra Romantic and we are doing a review on it…I (Jake) have finished it already and god damn it DID NOT disappoint.


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

P.S don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!




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