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Training Men vs. Women

What is up Gym n Japan. We hope you have all had a wonderful week and what better way to spend your Sunday than to be reading another Gym n Japan blog. You’ve gotta be feeling pretty blessed, right?

Anyway, this week we want to discuss some of the differences in training between men and women. Now to be completely honest, the way we train should not differ between the two genders (or other genders), we don’t discriminate here. We should all be using the same training principles to promote muscle growth, lose fat and just be better people for lifting heavy ass weight. You will see later on why it ends up differing and it all comes down to the priorities of each person.


So what are the differences though in training between men and women?

Well, the obvious one is…ladies train glutes (ass) and legs a lot more than us guys do. Are we complaining? Absolutely not. A lot of women in the gym, not all, love the train legs 2-3 times per week. With an extra day usually dedicated to glutes. Whereas us guys tend to do splits which at most, have us training legs and glutes twice a week. Sometimes even once a week for those people who are just little bitches. DON’T BE A SKINNY BITCH - CBUM.

For women they avoid the exercises that they think will make them bulky and look like a man. The common myth is that women think training chest and upper body will A) make your breasts shrink B) make you look like a man. When in fact there are many benefits to training chest/upper body like improved posture, can make your breasts perkier and trains other muscles which will help for those who would like to "tone".

Word on the street is that women like to train their shoulders and back so that it gives them an hourglass figure. Big shoulders, skinny waist and big bum is the aim of most women. If you want a better overall figure which is strong, we think that it is a good idea to train all areas of your body. Same goes for guys and their legs.

Also women avoid calves...


Men (but not us) generally don’t like to train leg and we are unsure why. We are just speculating but there are many things which could cause men to not train legs.

  • Bad knees

Well you could always find a variation that doesn’t hurt them?

  • Laziness

Growing legs takes a lot of time and a lot of guys are just lazy and impatient so they don’t train them

  • Don’t want a fat dumpy

We want a fat dumpy but most don’t for some unknown reason

Personally (Jake) I do like to try and hit legs twice a week. Having a big booty and legs is insane and the goal should always be to become QUADZILLA!!!! With all my current injuries and snowboarding for 6 months, this has definitely not happened, I usually train legs once a week and just go absolutely ham on them. But there was also a period where I didn’t train them for 3-4 weeks and actually did miss it.

Another difference between men and women which again is not always the case, is that men tend to ego lift a lot more than women do. Why? Usually because some people who go to the gym are morons and don’t know or understand the key principles of muscle strength and hypertrophy. They also just want to lift with their dicks or heads and try to use as much weight as possible to impress the 0% of people who actually care about what they are lifting in the gym.

Some of the more uneducated men and women, tend to believe that training higher reps and less weight will make you “more toned”. This is absolute BS and usually comes from female lifters who don’t want to get too “bulky”. Oh, please, if it was that easy to get big, then every man and his dog would be absolutely jacked. Getting jacked takes alot of time and effort, so for those just lifting weights - you wont just wake up big or bulky. If you want to be big and bulky you will be aiming for it because it is an art form.

To put it simply, men avoid legs and women avoid arms.

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