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Hey Gym N Japan Fam! Because we are always out here talking about the best anime we have seen or giving recommendations on other pretty good ones, we decided we were gonna spice it up and just start absolutely feeding it to some of the worst anime we have seen or heard for various reasons. Now we aren’t going to go off rating here but just on how we felt about them. Obviously there are different types of "BAD" anime for various reasons whether it’s the timing of the story, shitty animation, upsetting the manga readers or just plain bad.

If there are any anime you think deserve to be on the list, comment below or flick through a message on social media and we can discuss why it deserves to be on the #worstanimelist.

1. Boruto

Heheh I think we made this list just to feed it to this anime! Like for all the big Naruto fans out there we know that this show was not needed in our lives.. like it probably would have been better to watch a story of Naruto doing paperwork in the Hokage's office. First of all it is 95% filler or anime original which has kinda made it boring/ too long. Next it feels like they are copying a lot of the same ideas that have already been done in Naruto.

I think the show is watchable purely because Naruto turns up sometimes and makes a sick fight scene. Honestly if you just watched this show without the filler it could be okay, or maybe just read the manga, because that is supposed to be way better :').

MAL Rating: 5.85

2. School days

A high school romance that went wrong.. Dunno why I (Haydon) watched it tbh? Maybe because it is pretty popular for all the wrong reasons? This anime had many bad points from bad animation to sloppy pacing of the story… I never read the manga but I assume it would have been slightly better. Probably up there with some of the better bad anime just cause its funny.

Jake - I've never watched it and I remember when Haydon watched it, I immediately though...what an idiot, the show looks absolutely dog shit. But of course Haydon didn't listen to me and wasted however many hours of his life watching this trash.

MAL Rating: 5.56

3. ex-arm

Dunno what happened with the show but it is just riddled with sloppiness! We didn’t want to punish ourselves by watching all 12 episodes we watched a few minutes and we can just tell it is utter garbage. The scene that we watched had some of the creepiest looking smiles/ expressionless smiles that it was just funny. It seems as though it is that bad/ laughing stock that people watch it lol. You won’t catch us watching it anytime soon unless someone pays us some decent money ;)

Tbh before this blog, I (Jake) had never even heard of this...and for good reason, look at the rating of it HAHAHA!

MAL Rating: 2.93

4. Boku no pico

To be totally honest, we have never watched this before. This is the show you tell all the noobs who have never watched anime before to watch. I would never recommend watching it, nor will we describe what the show is about. I believe it is a single episode OVA that goes for like 35 minutes. High recommend watching it (shaking my head side to side), but in all seriousness keep telling your mates to watch it, because someone will watch it eventually and hate you for it and it'll be hilarious.

MAL Rating: 4.24

5. Promised Neverland

More specifically on this one we have Promised Neverland Season 2. After season 1 delivered us with such high hopes for 3-4 seasons worth of thrilling anime to watch, we were let down to know that when compared to the manga, season 1 hit the mark and season 2 basically did 20 volumes in 11 episodes. The actual anime itself was quite good and for those who give 0 craps about manga, then it is still really good to watch and the story does close out. But at the end of the day it really did miss the mark on what could have been an anime with a really high 8-9/10 rating.

MAL Rating: 5.37

ANDDDD that is all for this week! As we said earlier, if there is anything we may have missed that should go on this list, then let us know!


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

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