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What is Gym 'n' Japan?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Gym and Japan, are there two things you love more? I didn't think so. Now you can come to the one place which talks about staying fit and discusses anime and manga, all in the one place!

This is the first of many blogs to come. I have big plans such as gym clothing x Japanese culture logos to come. I am going to review anime and manga I have watched or read and keep you guys updated on my fitness journey! Who said you can't be big and love anime?

“Practice doesn't always make perfect. Because if you practice shit, you'll only become good at being shit. There's always room to improve”

I plan to post once a fortnight. By building a fun and engaging platform for all of my viewers, I hope we can all learn from each other, give recommendations around things like exercises, different shows to watch and what I should read next.

Platforms and Content

Not only do I post here with my thoughts, goals, experiences and life. But I also post daily on my #Instagram #facebook and also #YouTube once a week. I typically use the handle @Bowler_Noodles for everything. My last name is Bowler, and noodles at the end sounds a bit like you're saying "bowl of noodles"...which I thought was quite comical.

I have a relatively small collection of manga at home, around 50 volumes and have watched well over 200 different anime, ranging from action/thriller/comedy/romance...the list goes on. I also have now been training in the gym for over 3 years and to this day still love it!

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