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What is the Best Protein Powder Flavour?

What is up Gym N Japan Fam. This week we are settling the long long debate that everyone wants the definitive final answer for... What is the best protein powder flavour? Let’s be real here first, they all kinda suck, but, which one sucks the least? We will discuss that now using our massive muscles and tiny brains.

Now we also know that each supplement brand tastes a lot different and some are better than others, so to make it simple, we are just going to be picking the flavours and not the brand. Use this list as a guide to pick the best flavour and then just try different brands to find the better of the best. I think a winner here is any flavour that masks the flavour enough but not too overpowering which in itself is a difficult thing to do..



The OG “best flavour.” When you first start lifting in the gym, you get mum or dad to go buy you the biggest and cheapest bag of chocolate protein and you go smashing that shit all day, doing the nastiest shits and feeling bloated 24/7. Eventually you get so sick of it that you gag at the thought of drinking a double scoop shake with 300ml of full cream milk.



Ooooft strawberry, the forbidden flavour. This one is for some of the psychos out there. It’s an acquired taste I believe. Haydon seems to love it but I’m not sold on the whole fake strawberry flavour. I think it is almost sickly how sweet it is.

Haydon - I currently have a Strawberry protein and I quite like it because it feels less heavy than your normal proteins (probably brand specific but still) and also tastes good.



Alright you may think that vanilla is a little on the boring side but it can be quite good! It is also great in a lot of shakes, smoothies and recipes purely for the fact it is more neutral. You can use it in cooking a lot more.

Vanilla is probably not the best if you are having shakes all the time because it can be quite boring.. just add it to everything! Weetbix in the morning, your pasta and even ice cream after dinner if you feel naughty! Not to say that you can’t add the other stuff to meals but vanilla has the versatility to add to a lot more things.

Cookies and Cream


This is probably (Jake) one of my favourite flavour of all time. It’s not too sweet and has the little pieces of cookie in it that makes you think you’re having an oreo milkshake. A lot of the other flavors you can mix with water but I find this one tastes best when mixed with some milk. But it is also fine with water.

Choc mint


So chocolate is very good and simple. Now how about when you add a nice fresh bit of mint to take away from that protein flavour? Unreal! It doesn’t feel like you’re drinking some super heavy protein drink and leaves a nice fresh minty flavour in your mouth. You can add it to a chocolate smoothie or even a banana milkshake. Everyone seems to love it and the taste is quite enjoyable.



I would say that caramel and chocolate are probably the go to for anyone buying protein because they have a strong but good flavour that masks the taste of protein which isn't great… And the white girl at the supps store said it was good.. overall caramel is just a go to for all and for the added basic bi**h you get choc caramel ;) also we think that caramel and chocolate are the easiest to have with water if you don’t want those excess calories with milk.



Probably my (Haydon) least favourite flavour of all time and that stems from me absolutely hating bananas… Jake - I actually don’t mind bananas but also think bananas sit in the acquired or rare trait person category. I like bananas more than strawberries but I can see why people hate them. It is very sweet and can be a bit sickly.

So at the end of the day, we think the number 1 flavour has to be good old chocolate. You either love it or hate but drink it anyway because it just tastes better than all the other shit.


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us!

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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