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What is the remedy to soft tissue injuries?

Yo what is going on Gym N Japan! Have you ever been hurt? No not emotionally hurt, we know you have been and that's why you go to the gym and read this blog. We are talking about physically hurt. To be more specific we are talking about soft tissue injuries. This could be an ankle sprain, ligament tear, muscle tear or tendon tear/rupture. All of these injuries aren't very nice and can take some time to heal.

But what we told you, there was a way to increase the speed at which your injury could heal. This way you wouldn't lose too much muscle mass or strength gains in the gym. Sounds like a fairy tale right? Wrong! Read this elite blog and your injury management will change forever. Remember this is soft tissue injuries only, bony injuries are different, and suck a lot more.


Honestly, if you are injured, depending on the pain levels and severity, getting back in the gym as soon as possible is the best thing for it.

DISCLAIMER: We are by no means doctors or registered health professionals, take this advice with a grain of salt and we assume any injuries you may have, have already been assessed by an expert or aren’t life threatening.


This man here is a real doctor

So, your injury is soft tissue - meaning it is anything that isn’t a 10 inch gaping hole in your leg or you’ve shattered your humerus into 10,000 tiny little pieces, it is only soft tissue, then sweet, you may continue reading. If it is in tiny pieces call 911 now or after you read the rest of this blog ;).

Let’s say for example, you fell off the trampoline playing basketball and tried to do a double backflip 180 spin slam dunk but missed and hit the edge, you landed on your arm funny and now your bicep hurts. What should we do? (This also applies to other body parts which may be injured in a similar or completely different way such as going to the beach or in the gym.)

Have you ever been injured before?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes but I'm not a skinny bitch

A GREAT rule of thumb is that if you can put the muscle and joint through full ROM with any form of weight, could be body weight or added resistance, the pain less than 5-6/10, then work that muscle slow and controlled 3-4 times per week. If pain the next day following this is increased, there is more redness or is just too sore to move (usually above a 6/10), then the load you did was slightly too much. Reduce the load in 1-2 days and go again.

Muscles, tendons and ligaments thrive on being placed under load, just like your mouth…AHAHAH kidding, but also not kidding… All jokes aside, movement is the key to recovery. Getting moving as soon as possible will allow the injured site to begin getting stronger, promote blood to the injured area which will in turn remove swelling but also increase healing by bringing all the nutrients to the injured area to heal faster.


Some things which you can do to help with pain and especially help in the short term are things like:

  • Heat packs - yes heat is much better than ice

  • Anti-inflammatories (as advised by your doctor, we are not doctors)

  • Light massage - moving the swelling towards the heart

  • Compression bandages

  • Movement - keep the joint moving, we don’t want you to stiffen up


Depending on the grade of the injury, I would follow this example below as a progression exercises to get you back on track as fast as possible:

  1. Isometrics holds → 1-2 weeks

  2. Eccentric loading → 2 weeks

  3. Assisted full range of motion or light loads → 1 week

  4. Return to full ROM → 1 week

  5. Return to Normal activity

If you do have any injuries and you aren’t sure what to do, feel free to reach out to Jake on Instagram @jakebowlerr for any questions or assistance you may need.


This week’s blog is going to be kept short due to the fact that Jake is super exhausted from work and boarding this week in Canada and Haydon is away in Bali getting drunk probably.


As always, thank you for reading to the end. We really do appreciate any and all of the support from everyone who reads our blog. We put a lot of time and effort into it so it is appreciated.


If you could go and share it on social media or even just tell your friends about it, the more we can spread our humour and love for Gym and Japan, the better the world would be.

Until next week ✌

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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