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What Manga should you be reading?

What is UP Gym N Japan fam!! Where does most anime originate from? MANGA, the black and white printed comic like books. We are going to discuss what you should be reading, what we have already read or are currently reading and what we recommend for you guys and even ourselves to start reading this holiday season.

If you had asked me or Haydon a year or two ago, if we had read manga or if we would consider it, we would have told you you’re a bitch and to just watch the anime because the action is way better! But, we reached the pinnacle of becoming an anime lover and knew there had to be more to this life than we knew. That is when we were enlightened by reading what we watched!

Now we only read manga which we would consider 9-10/10 and we just can’t wait for them to adapt! Shows include Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and any Hentai…wait I mean Jujutsu Kaisen. To be totally honest, we both still think the anime is better in all aspects, but credit is due where credit is due. We definitely prefer the visual side and colour of anime as well as the fight scenes and explosions are usually a lot better in anime.


Manga skips all the bullshit, it’s like watching canon non stop. You can get through so much story line in such a short period of time. Plus the manga is always ahead of the anime, meaning rather than waiting 10 years *cough my hero and demon slayer* to catch up or get towards where the manga is, we can just read it. With manga being the original content you will also find a lot of manga that don’t have anime adaptations so you will get some unique stories that you haven’t seen before! Land of the lustrous, Vagabond and Solo Levelling are a few of these that come to mind which are in the top 50 Manga on Mal without an anime adaptation. These may eventually get anime adaptations but don't hold your breath… There are also those anime that did one season and did it purely to gain hype for the manga *There could be other reasons but we always gotta assume its money relate*, these include Btoom!, Deadman Wonderland, high school of the dead etc etc the list goes on!


A couple of worthy mentions here is that FINALLY bleach will be adapting the last of the manga into anime after it stopped almost 10 years ago! And also the devil is a part timer and will also be getting some more manga adapted into anime which is great news for all of us weebs who love these shows.

I had the coolest thing happen to me (Jake) the other day where I was watching one of the latest demon slayer episodes, I was sitting there thinking, shit I feel like I’ve already seen this episode before, when in fact I had read it in the manga and it just seemed like I’d already watched it.

So without me talking any more bullshit, here are 5 manga I think are worth reading. There are hundreds more out there to read but for me personally I would definitely get stuck into these:


My Hero Academia

If you are someone like myself who loves the anime, you will love the manga. The anime doesn’t stray far from the manga…but the manga is further ahead and there is so much juicy shit happening that I just couldn’t not read it!!! :’). It is now up to volume 29 (printed) which means that there is plenty for you all to read! If you buy every volume at $15 each it will be a slack $435… our recommendation for bulk buying is to wait for QBD or something to have a buy one get one free sale on Shonen jump which can save you bulk in the long run. Also helpful that QBD has a rewards program where a % goes back into store credits. Also there are some good Boxing Day sales now so get around them!

MAL Rating: 8.25

Demon Slayer

Kimetsu No Yaiba, by far one of the greatest anime to hit our iPad, computers, TV’s in the last 10 years. Once again if you can’t wait, the manga is actually finished and the anime has a long way to go. So why wait? Get your wallets out and splash some cash on the manga. I personally love hard copies of the good stuff but if you aren’t super devoted to it, subscribing to something like the Shonen jump app you can just read it all online.

MAL Rating: 8.28

Chainsaw Man

Now to be honest, I haven’t actually read this anime, but that is purely because I can’t get my hands on a copy of it anywhere…now that says something on it’s own. From when it first came out to now, there has been nothing but good words from it. I haven’t heard much about it as I have stayed away from spoilers, but it is supposed to be amazing and since I can’t get any copies of any volumes, it must be unreal right? I (Haydon) have started buying this and for some reason I can only get volumes 3-6 so I’m missing 1 and 2 which means that I can’t start yet… big sad!

MAL Rating: 8.70

Solo Levelling

Honestly there is so much hype around this manhwa/light novel so technically a manga but definitely worth a mention! It definitely is as good as the hype suggest and worth the read! The unique thing about this is, that it’s very focused on the art because it is in full colour! I (Haydon) bought the first 2 volumes for $40 each then finished them in legit 45mins so after I finished them I ended up reading it online.. I would have continued to buy them but honestly cost a bit too much to justify it for however many volumes it’s going to be! Plus I couldn’t wait for the next print and needed answers ASAP! Could be a good or a bad thing but there is no anime adaptation of this… yet! So the only way to know about the story is to read it. Trust us, it’s good. Also Jake needs to read ASAP the pussy.

MAL Rating: 8.82

Tokyo Revengers

Alright this had to be on the list! It might be more of a mental note for us so that we buy it for ourselves.! But the anime for this is amazing so obviously the original content from the manga will be amazing! We have seen that it has rivaled some of the big names sales wise which is a very good sign. It would be a good story to read about because it isn’t completely based around action scenes and based around the story itself, love etc. I know for myself (Haydon) I don’t have a good imagination so some fight scenes I struggle to picture in my head so this one I’d understand everything that happens haha.

MAL Rating: 8.64

Notable mentions

Jujutsu Kaisen: Would have been number 6 on this list if it was longer! MAL Rating: 8.55

My hero academia vigilantes: There’s no anime for this and builds on the MHA world also good read. MAL Rating: 7.57

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! We do love our anime a little bit more than manga but we will try to do a manga one every now and then I guess… We both do agree that having hard copies of manga is a lot more satisfying than blu rays of manga!


As always, thank you so much for tuning in! It really does mean a lot to us

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

Stay Tuned! Posting weekly on Sundays at 6PM :D

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