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Why you are a skinny fat loser!

What is going on Gym ‘N’ Japan Fam!! Until now, the blogs have been pretty formal and entertaining. But now we thought we would spice things up #meme with this blog today.


By no means are we saying anyone is a skinny fat loser, we are just taking the piss a bit and having some fun with this one. So continue below and enjoy a good read!


So, you have skinny arms and legs, but the 6 pack is looking more like a 6 pack of Bintangs from Bali when you visited last summer? Well my friend, you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of skinny fats like you out in the world.

Now the issue isn’t that you are a ‘hard gainer’ or your ‘genetics suck’. The fact is you’re doing all the small things (and the big important things) WRONG!!! Getting swole from lifting weights in the gym takes A LOT of time and dedication.

‘Weekends don’t count’

So first you’re telling us, “But Gym n Japan, I eat all this good food 5 days a week and nothing is happening, I’m still just a skinny fat loser.” Well sir, or madam, let me tell you...that 5 days a week ain’t cutting it. Sure, well done for those 5 days of hitting macros and calorie targets, but what about the weekend when you sink back 14 beers, KFC, Pizza and the pancakes for Sunday morning Breakfast? You just ate your entire 5 days of calories in 2 days, well done, loser. See the problem yet? You can’t expect change when you aren’t willing to change your behaviours, including the weekend. The weekend still counts, it’s not some special bubble where nothing applies to you, then it hits Monday and it’s like you skipped Saturday and Sunday…

The “I work out all the time” guy

Now you’re telling me “guys I never go out, I eat well all week including weekends, and I train ALL THE TIME.” Okay great you’re almost there. First you need to look at, if you’re training too much, what workouts are you doing, are you training hard enough or being a little sissy lifting those weights in the gym? I see it all the time, the guy that trains 7 days a week, 2+ hours every single training session and never gets bigger.

Maybe you are the definition of skinny fat? You have a gym membership but you go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, do a few bicep curls, use the chest press machine and leave. You probably told the missus ‘it's just not working’ then quit the gym.. Like you probably aren’t fat but need a bit of work, right? And want to get huge? Well, why else would you be here reading this shitty blog? Why is this not a good use of time at the gym you ask?

First let's break this down by asking a few questions:

  • How long did you spend in the gym itself? 30 minutes if that? Not saying that short gym sessions are bad in any way but need to be structured.

  • How many exercises did you do? In this example only 3... One of them could be done outside or as a recovery day...

  • Did you have a plan for sets, reps and weight? NOPE!

  • You probably don’t track your weights so you never go heavier because your forget what you did last bot

When you are going to the gym it is important to have some kind of plan in mind so that you aren’t wasting time. Here's a few tips:

  1. Have a structured program when going into the gym, know how many days a week you will be training, exercises that you will be doing, how many reps, sets etc. This is so you can work every muscle group at least 2 times a week (If you want serious gains). If you don't know what muscle groups you are working for an exercise, look it up! That's how you learn!

  2. Record all your weights that you are lifting so that you can aim to improve every week. Other ways to track progress might be increasing reps or sets as well.

  3. Keep your program fresh so that you aren’t getting bored with it and lose motivation.

  4. Make sure that you are eating well all week, getting all essential nutrients and giving your body enough energy to gain muscle.

  5. Finally, stay consistent! Because gains come slowly but you can lose them in an instant if you are lazy!

You are a cardio warrior

You could be a cardio warrior which means that you are burning that extra energy that you would normally need for building muscle! To be fair, you will stay relatively lean but will impede your goal of getting huge as quickly as possible. What your body needs to gain muscle is an excess amount of energy which you are just burning right in front of them! Think about those starving kids in Africa not getting enough food! That's what you are doing to your muscles but worse, you are putting food on a plate in front of them only to take it back off them.. We aren’t saying cardio is bad but too much will impact your gains!

A good cardio session is definitely needed in any gym program because it is great to have overall fitness and it is great for your body. It will help keep your heart, lungs and circulatory system in a healthy condition. For someone doing a gym program it is important to schedule some cardio every week otherwise it will get neglected and you can gain some unnecessary fat in the process.

When we do too much cardio, our stress hormones or cortisol goes through the roof. A good saying to remember for all you gym rats out there is “more stress, less test”. The more stress and cortisol you have, the less testosterone there is which means less #GAINZ!

You have the ‘Yeh the bois’ mentality

Bro split you say? We think it should be named the bro s***.. You learnt this program off your biggest mate (who probably has no idea and not that big) who learnt it off his mate and that's how the bro split gets worse.. Basically like Chinese whispers so things like technique and quality work have disappeared.. Also leg days will get skipped because who trains legs right? Reminds me of the Canadian Club ad that asks why people drink beer? It's a flow on effect where people think it's normal.. And they give you an alternative just like we will!!! You'll be disappointed because we aren’t gonna say we have a CC haha! This alternative involves a little bit of reading/ learning and some hard gym work! Have a look at our previous blogs on training splits where you can get a better idea of a decent gym program! Also we believe that consistently lacks in this program because if your mate doesn’t go, you don’t, right? NO BRO, NO GO as they say.. It is great to have someone to go to the gym with but you need to be able to go by yourself like the adult you are! Only being positive to those who don’t do a bro split..

For that canadian club reference here:

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