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Why you need to travel - NOW!

What is going on Gym N Japan. This week we want to talk to you a little bit about why you need to just say fook it, drop everything sometimes and go travelling. Because honestly, I feel like there are so many of us these days that are just caught up in the rat race of earning money, using our time for that money until we can afford a house, car, rent, kids, whatever it might be. But there is sooooo much more to see out there in the world. Now, we aren’t just saying this as 2 super rich people who write an incredible blog each week…because we are both broke as hell, but we have both travelled.

First, where have we both been? These are places outside of Australia (Australia is great too)


  • Thailand

  • Bali

  • Singapore

  • Abu Dhabi (fly over)

  • Canada

  • London

  • Berlin - Germany

  • Amsterdam

  • Prague

  • Salzburg - Austria

  • Croatia

  • Italy - Florence


  • Japan (most important)

  • Vietnam

  • Vanuatu

  • New Caledonia

  • Indonesia

  • Singapore (stopover)

What are the best parts about travelling?

The world is such a large place and we can guarantee that moving from country to country is like going to an entirely new world. Street food, friendly people, stressful airports and train stations larger than football fields and so many unique things to do.

One example that comes to mind for me is when me and a mate travelled between London to Amsterdam on the high speed train…which might I add - book in advance…RIP our wallets. When we left the giant city of stone, pavement and buildings, we soon arrived in a place only 6 hours away, which was a completely different world. The people spoke a different language, the place was more relaxed and the culture was also totally unique. In contrast, if you were to fly 6 hours from Melbourne to Perth…the only thing that would change is the colour of the red dirt and the population density around the city. Other than that, the culture and people remain the same.



The food throughout the world changes from country to country and even from region to region within the same place. The way it is prepared and way it tastes is so unique, with ⅘ times it being the best cuisine you’ve ever tried. It’s all fine going to your favourite Aussie Italian restaurant or American Burger place, but until you have tried the traditional food from the country of origin, you will never know true culinary beauty.



Whether you’re on a gondola travelling through the canals of Venice and Amsterdam or simply roaming the streets of Florence in Italy, every new place has it’s own unique attractions. Many places in Europe - such as Prague in Czechia, have small areas of the city called the Old Town. Usually these places are more historical. When visiting Prague, the entirety of the Old Town was paved with small stones. Literally every corner and street. You wouldn’t see this in many other places of the globe.



If you are someone who loves or wants to go skiing and snowboarding, Canada offers some of the best ski resorts and snow in the world for a good part of 6-8 months of the year…every year. You may also want more powder snow, so it feels like you’re surfing, then Japan has some of the best powder boarding in the world. Maybe you want to rip into the waves and go surfing somewhere like Barcelona, get a tan and eat amazing street food. Or you may just want a super luxurious holiday that won’t break the bank? Then Thailand or Bali are the places for you. Canada has some incredible scenery to see in both the winter and the summer. Austria and Switzerland have incredible mountain ranges to see with wildlife varying from what we are used to in Australia.

Something really interesting and cool is that during my time in the Canadian winter, the most dangerous animal and probably the only animal I saw in about 6 months was humans and birds. There is not a single animal that will harm you. Come summer, the bears, birds, spiders and some snakes come out to play. But until in Australia, you can be assured there is not much that will harm you in the winter.

I know you may be wondering or asking, but it can be super expensive to just drop everything and leave. Yes, and no. Unless you have mortgages to pay or other ongoing expenses, to which I would say try to get rid of these ASAP and get into the world. But if you don’t, then you can do what I did (Jake) and just do working holidays. You basically get paid to live in another country, the jobs are usually quite chilled and relaxed and you can get plenty of downtime to do most things you want. Or save up a bunch of money in a year, you only need like $10-20k, then go work a part time job. You could even couch surf, hitch hike if you’re feeling really adventurous or try and start some remote online job.

Honestly, travelling has been one of the best things I have ever decided to do. To be completely open here, it did seem scary at first and I was worried I would miss my family and friends too much when being away for a long period of time, and yes I definitely do, but at the end of the day, I am young, you are all young, and why wait until we are old and crippled to explore this world. There’s so much to see, so get out there and enjoy it.



Nature and Wildlife are so unique in different parts of the world. The habitats, ecosystems and landmarks are totally different and unique in each country.

“The reason I travel is to see the different nature and wildlife” - Merel



Whether you’re staying in Hostes and meeting fellow travellers or walking the streets meeting locals, there are so many unique people in the world who have stories and wisdom to tell. The locals know all the best places to eat, swim, walk, discover and go that you would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to talk to friendly locals. They usually also know all the places NOT to go…

When you are travelling you will get to meet so many people who are like minded (who like travelling) and meet people from different cultures which is cool in itself! We think that meeting new people from different cultures gives you an understanding of others and the way people live in other parts of the world.



If you are going around the world travelling, well you'll have to make sure to check out lots of them! Some gyms have pools, basketball courts, boxing rings etc etc so head out there and explore them!


Last of all! Don’t forget your own backyard - your home country

For us it’s Australia and what a beautiful place to live and explore! For me (Haydon) I have travelled more of Australia than I have overseas and that is because it is a lot cheaper and convenient to travel within the country. Australia is just so big so we are lucky to have so much to explore from secluded beaches to nice cities with all things you want or need! I have been to every capital city in Australia and explored all states thoroughly with the exception of northern Western Australia! 

So if you are struggling to get yourself overseas maybe look to your own backyard and explore within! 

Until next week!! Byeeee

If you guys have any questions, want us to do reviews etc. feel free to send us a message and we will do our best :P

And once again thank you for your support!

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